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Mise à jour

Fork de Citra.

Les réglages de Lime3DS



Lime3DS 2114.1

  • Android: Fixed landscape screen layouts not displaying correctly


  • This is a hotfix to address an issue which appeared in the Android version of 2114
    • Platforms other than Android need not update
    • Apologies for any inconvenience

Lime3DS 2114

  • Desktop: Add custom screen layout feature (#204)
    • This feature is configured in the new Emulation → Configure → Graphics → Layout menu
  • Desktop: The proportion the screens in the Large Screen layout can now be configured in the Layout menu
  • Android: Added support for button-based controller dpads, expanding dpad compatibility
    • As an example, this change now allows the Switch Pro controller's dpad to be used
    • This also allows other controller buttons to be bound to dpad directions
  • Updated various build dependencies (#206, #207)
  • The minimum MacOS version has been increased to MacOS 13 (Ventura) due to dependency requirements


  • Crowd-sourced language translations are now open for Lime3DS. If you have the skills to contribute, for more information please see
    • Updated translations will be pulled each update without mention in the patch notes
  • The user-contributed compatibility list for Lime3DS mentioned in the previous update is now open. Please see details at
    • Updates to the compatibility list will be pulled each update without mention in the patch notes
  • The source tarballs now use the release number instead of git information for the file name

Lime3DS 2113

  • Android: Fixed an issue where settings which cannot be changed while a game is running may still not be changeable after closing the game
  • Added realtime audio playback option
    • This feature scales audio playback speed to account for drops in emulation framerate
      • Using this option may cause a visual-audio desync during context-sensitive scenes (e.g. cutscenes) if lag spikes are encountered
  • Desktop: Added a button in the help menu which opens the Lime3DS log folder
  • Non-userfacing changes to how the compatibility list is implemented to allow for easier community contribution


  • Compatibility list data has been moved to Compatibility reports can be created here via pull request to report an updated compatibility status. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this will be added in the days following this release
  • While the realtime audio feature was ported from Citra Enhanced, it is worth noting that this iteration has changes which very noticeably improve the consistency and stability of audio playback over the original implementation

Lime3DS 2112

  • Added support for Artic Base
  • Desktop: Added favourite game functionality (#163)
  • Desktop: Added play time counter (#163)
  • Windows+Linux: Added game desktop shortcut functionality (#163)
  • Desktop: Updated right-click user interface layout (#163)
  • Updated executable names to follow a new naming scheme
    • lime.exe --> lime3ds-cli.exe
    • lime-qt.exe --> lime3ds-gui.exe
    • lime-room.exe --> lime3ds-room.exe

Lime3DS 2111

  • Linux: Downgraded minimum glibc version from 2.38 to 2.36
    • This fixes a regression introduced in 2110 where certain Linux distros, such as the Steam Deck's SteamOS, were unable to launch Lime3DS via AppImage due to the glibc version being too recent
  • Android: Updated internal resolution selection interface to more closely match the desktop equivalent
    • The setting is now configured using a dropdown menu instead of a slider
    • Alongside the multiplier, the resulting resolution is now also displayed
  • Updated log filenames
    • citra_log.txt --> lime3ds_log.txt
    • citra_log.txt.old.txt --> lime3ds_log.old.txt


  • It is recommended to delete the old citra_log.XXX files to avoid accidentally sending them instead of the newer files when filing bug reports
  • We are currently looking for maintainers to help with reviewing PRs and investigating issues
    • Must have prior experience contributing to open source projects and familiarity with C++
    • Bonus points if you contributed to Citra
    • Inquire at our Discord server if you are interested in helping out

Lime3DS 2110

  • Fixed a crash when entering fullscreen while playing Super Smash Bros. 3DS on Vulkan (#87)
  • Minor across-the-board performance improvements on Mali GPUs
  • Android: Fixed on-screen overlay joysticks having an incorrect draw order
  • Updated build environments
    • Formatting: Clang 15 --> 18
    • Linux build: Clang 15 --> 18
    • Android build: AGP 8.2.1 --> 8.3.2
      • Gradle 8.2 --> 8.4


  • The Smash Bros fix included a large-scale restructure of several sections of the Vulkan renderer. This may result in compatibility improvements for other games which we did not expect. Please feel free to share these with us if you find any!

Lime3DS 2109

  • Improved rasterizer cache validation heuristic
    • This results in extreme performance improvements for several games. See here for examples
  • Android: Added an option to adjust the size of on-screen buttons
  • Android: Added an option to adjust the opacity of on-screen buttons
  • Non-user facing code improvements related to the removal of telemetry


  • If you are using Android, please migrate to using Obtainium for installing and updating Lime3DS, as this is now our official method. You can find more information in our readme
  • This update introduces a regression in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon while using Vulkan. This involves a consistent crash during the first Pixelator cutscene. Please use OpenGL for the time being when playing this game. Apologies for any inconvenience
  • This update changes which files are available to download with releases. Namely, Android App Bundles (.aab) and 7Zip archives (.7z) are no longer available to download

Lime3DS 2108

  • Fixed a major crashing issue on ARM MacOS introduced in 2106
  • Android: Added button haptics
  • Updated dependencies
  • Logging improvements for unrecoverable exceptions


  • If the haptics aren't working for you, please ensure that you have haptics enabled and/ or your phone supports the appropraite haptics by using a haptics checker app
  • A non-insignificant amount of time was dedicated purely to investigating the aforementioned MacOS crash. For this reason, today's update is quite small

Lime3DS 2107

  • Android: Major stability improvements for the Vulkan renderer (Thanks GPUCode!)
  • Enabled SPIR-V optimization, allowing for smaller compiled Vulkan shaders
  • Android: Added an overlay button to swap screens
    • This button is disabled by default, and must be enabled in Overlay Options --> Toggle Controls
  • Android: The side drawer is now locked by default
  • Default system username is now "LIME3DS"
  • Default number of play coins has been updated to 300
  • Fixed the Exit hotkey not working correctly


  • Lime3DS is now available on Flathub. You can download it from
  • We are looking for developers with access to an ARM-based Mac to help us investigate a bug. If this is you, please contact us on our Discord server linked in the project Readme!

Lime3DS 2106

  • Updated the default portait touch control layout on Android to be much more ergonomic
  • Disabled telemetry features left over from Citra and removed related settings
  • Removed settings related to Citra Web Service, as the servers no longer exist
  • Windows MSYS2 builds are now available
  • Fixed missing branding on MacOS
  • Updated Android package ID, hopefully for the last time
  • Builds produced from release unified source archives now display the corresponding version number in-app
  • Notes:

  • The Android package ID has been updated, and for this reason, the previous version must be uninstalled before installing this update. Apologies for any inconvenience

Lime3DS 2105

  • Rebranded logos and strings to use Lime3DS's branding over Citra's
  • Compatibility list is now stored locally
  • Window title and Discord RPC now use full game titles instead of abbreviated ones
  • GSP_GPU: Fix framebuffer dirty bit
  • HLE DSP: Fix sample clamping in SimpleFilter
  • Fixed misc build issues with GCC and Clang


  • This is the initial release of Lime3DS. Above patch notes are relative to Citra 2104

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