Émulation en folie : les derniers émulateurs à tester sur Mac et iOS

ArcEmu version 1.5.2

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Émulateur disponible sur l'AppStore d'Apple pour 2€. Fonctionne sur iPhone, iPad et est même utilisable sur Apple Watch (contrôles compliqués).

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  • 1.5.2

    ** This update is not compatible with existing GB and GBC (SameBoy) save states. To avoid losing progress, please save normally in-game before updating. **

  • - Core change for GB and GBC games (SameBoy -> mGBA)

    - Exceptional performance and battery consumption improvements

    - Fast-Forward feature (2x and 3x) to speed up the game

    - Slow-mo feature (0.5x) to slow down the game

    - Save file import feature (.sav)

    - Color Palette modification feature for GB games

    - New in-game menu with many features easily accessible without returning to the main menu (Save, Load, Reset, Volume, Vibration, Hold/Sustain, Fast Forward, Crown Mapping, D-Pad ways)

    - Autosaving when the screen goes to sleep, the app goes to the background, and when returning to the menu

    - Modified Hold/Sustain button function, now activatable on all buttons from the new in-game menu

    - Minor bug fixes

  • 1.5.1

    ** This update is not compatible with existing GB and GBC (SameBoy) save states. To avoid losing progress, please save normally in-game before updating. **

  • - Core change for GB and GBC games (SameBoy -> mGBA)

    - Exceptional performance and battery consumption improvements

    - Fast-Forward feature (2x and 3x) to speed up the game

    - Slow-mo feature (0.5x) to slow down the game

    - Save file import feature (.sav)

    - Color Palette modification feature for GB games

    - New in-game menu with many features easily accessible without returning to the main menu (Save, Load, Reset, Volume, Vibration, Hold/Sustain, Fast Forward, Crown Mapping, D-Pad ways)

    - Autosaving when the screen goes to sleep, the app goes to the background, and when returning to the menu

    - Modified Hold/Sustain button function, now activatable on all buttons from the new in-game menu

    - Minor bug fixes

  • 1.5

    ** This update is not compatible with existing GB and GBC (SameBoy) save states. To avoid losing progress, please save normally in-game before updating. **

  • - Core change for GB and GBC games (SameBoy -> mGBA)

    - Exceptional performance and battery consumption improvements

    - Fast-Forward feature (2x and 3x) to speed up the game

    - Slow-mo feature (0.5x) to slow down the game

    - Save file import feature (.sav)

    - Color Palette modification feature for GB games

    - New in-game menu with many features easily accessible without returning to the main menu (Save, Load, Reset, Volume, Vibration, Hold/Sustain, Fast Forward, Crown Mapping, D-Pad ways)

    - Autosaving when the screen goes to sleep, the app goes to the background, and when returning to the menu

    - Modified Hold/Sustain button function, now activatable on all buttons from the new in-game menu

    - Minor bug fixes

  • 1.4.2

    - Added support for Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 6S and 7

    - Added mappings for the Digital Crown (Arrows, A/B, Select/Start, L/R)

    - Implemented the feature that hides touch controls when a Controller is connected

  • - Fixed a bug that made touches near the edges not always accurate on Apple Watch

    - Fixed the L and R buttons on Controllers (iPhone and iPad)

    - Fixed black screens and crashes on iOS 15

    - Fixed rendering issues in GBA ROMs on watchOS 8 and 9

  • 1.4.1

    - Added support for Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 6S and 7

    - Added mappings for the Digital Crown (Arrows, A/B, Select/Start, L/R)

    - Implemented the feature that hides touch controls when a Controller is connected

    - Fixed a bug that made touches near the edges not always accurate on Apple Watch

    - Fixed the L and R buttons on Controllers (iPhone and iPad)

    - Fixed black screens and crashes on iOS 15

  • 1.4

    - Added support for Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone 6S and 7

    - Added mappings for the Digital Crown (Arrows, A/B, Select/Start, L/R)

    - Implemented the feature that hides touch controls when a Controller is connected

    - Fixed a bug that made touches near the edges not always accurate on Apple Watch

    - Fixed the L and R buttons on Controllers (iPhone and iPad)

  • 1.3.1

    - Minor improvements

    - Bug fix

  • 1.3

Wine version 9.13

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Il ne s'agit pas ici d'un véritable émulateur de PC.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


Wine 9.13

What's new in this release:

  • Support for loading ODBC Windows drivers.
  • More user32 data structures in shared memory.
  • More rewriting of the CMD.EXE engine.
  • Various bug fixes.

DuckStation version v0.1-6995

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    Le logo de la bibliothèque SDL

Jeune émulateur opensource de Playstation utilisant Qt5 et la SDL2.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques



NOTE: This is the last build of DuckStation that does not require a SSE4.1-capable CPU (i.e. anything released in approximately 2008).

  • f0c2832 Dep: Update vixl to 662828c
  • ef69c31 GPUDevice: Support transpiling shaders at compile time
  • 964b949 Postprocessing/FX: Ensure RT isn't bound as sampler
  • eb80a82 GameDB: Disable widescreen on Final Fantasy Tactics
  • 54097fc Postprocessing/FX: Expose 'viewportoffset' uniform
  • 2a90a88 Add crt-consumer and crt-cyclon. Update others. (#3223)
  • 51648b0 CI/AppImage: Explicitly remove libwayland-*
  • c179210 GPU/HW: Eliminate raw texture pipeline permutations
  • d16470d Update Japanese translation (#3225)
  • 451d15a Atualização Português do Brasil (#3224)
  • 5be2e68 Qt: Update glyph ranges
  • 1582b2a GPU/HW: Make texture filtering a fragment shadergen parameter
  • 8455c9c GPU/HW: Add 'Force Round Upscaled Texture Coordinates'
  • 0563350 GameDB: Set force round texcoords on Crash games
  • 3d6b9e1 Settings: Include cheats in disable-all-enhancements
  • e9a4723 GPUDevice: Compile warning fix
  • 6870010 GPU/HW: Remove log spam
  • be4abb0 GPU/HW: Reduce multiple setting source of truth
  • 34f2079 GPU/HW: Add separate 3D/2D (sprite) texture filtering
  • 7b1ec5d GameDB: Force round texcoords on Digimon World 3
  • a5f8684 BIOS: Add further detail to missing BIOS message
  • 1ae79c8 System: Refactor unsafe settings warning
  • da51827 GameDB: Over Drivin' DX - Rally Edition (Japan) (#3226)
  • 70d7d4a MSBuild: Enable Vulkan on Windows ARM64
  • 01fc325 CPU/Recompiler: Warning fix for ARM64/Clang
  • ccb76d1 GameList: Add custom title/regions
  • 4827e54 BinarySpanReaderWriter: Fix off-by-one error (#3230)
  • 7491ba6 Spanish (Spain) Translation update 2024/06/19 (#3229)
  • 59c3c33 Deps: Update to SDL 2.30.4 (#3228)
  • d8b7e25 Atualização Português do Brasil (#3227)
  • 3d00957 Resources: Update gamecontrollerdb.txt
  • 63055f1 FullscreenUI: Add sprite texture filtering option
  • ea3fa7f Postprocessing/FX: Fix locating shaders in subdirectories
  • 966cce1 Postprocessing: Sort shader list lexiographically
  • e854164 Deps: Bump versions
  • 6892c3d Qt: Work around theme swap bug with Classic Windows
  • 1797050 VulkanDevice: Release swap chain images on resize
  • b8ed013 dep/reshadefx: Fix UBO reference with OpenGL
  • 6bfd862 GPUDevice: Fix transpiled interface linking with OpenGL
  • 6021e43 Qt: Work around QList marshalling issue
  • 9189588 Shaders: Add new pack of shaders (reshade) (#3232)
  • dd4b282 Atualização Português do Brasil (#3233)
  • 1a2ad89 dep/rcheevos: Bump to d54cf8f
  • 17d4595 dep/rcheevos: Hash functions are not needed
  • e7e0902 Achievements: Avoid malloc on state save/load
  • b9ff358 Achievements: Support scratchpad memory
  • db30566 Achievements: Implement disc change without state reset
  • 8c1228a Qt: Tidy up theme change workaround
  • ebf50ed System: Allocate JIT space before fastmem area
  • ad27f8b Add some shaders and update others. (#3234)
  • 12f2ff9 Indonesian Translation
  • 71c319c dep/rcheevos: Set RC_NO_THREADS
  • 5c94ab9 dep/rcheevos: Avoid -1 return in rc_runtime_progress_size()
  • a89ec0e Achievements: Always recompute state data size on save
  • dd420cb Common: Alloc failures in HeapArray are unlikely
  • 8c72fd5 GPUDevice: Disable SPIR-V optimization on GLSL output
  • 41f4024 Atualização Português do Brasil (#3235)
  • 3877486 System: Ensure titles are sanitized for screenshots

Flycast Dojo version 6.46

Mise à jour
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Dérivé de l'émulateur Flycast permettant de jouer en réseau par https://www.fightcade.com notamment.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


Flycast Dojo 6.46 Changelog

  • Session Transmission: Send Spectate Start Message Once. Fixes Replays/Spectating.

Flycast Dojo 6.45 Changelog

  • Fightcade: Hide player names until received from service. Show correct order.
  • Session Stream: Enable guest score transmission

Flycast Dojo 6.44 Release Notes

  • Test Game: Fix Offline Game Launch

Flycast Dojo 6.43 includes various enhancements to Test Game mode, including loading controller profiles in the Settings prior to game launch for previews, as well as a Main Menu button to enter the emulator's main interface from the Test Game screen off of Fightcade. This new version also includes improved netplay savestate tracking for replays in preparation for netplay savestate auto-updating.

Flycast Dojo 6.43 Release Notes

  • Test Game: Fix Game Launch, Main Menu, Emulator Exit

Flycast Dojo 6.42 Release Notes

  • Netplay Savestates: Download list of commits locally with savestate download
  • Replays/Spectating: If commit from header unavailable, use Commit based on Quark Epoch

Flycast Dojo 6.39 Release Notes

  • Replays/Spectating: Get commit by Quark Epoch time & Game Name when missing from header
  • Replays/Spectating: Record current Savestate Commit on Session Start
  • Netplay Savestate Download: Make copy with commit extension for Replay versioning
  • Test Game: Add Main Menu Button

Flycast Dojo 6.36 Release Notes

  • Test Game: Load Button Names in Settings
  • Linux: Copy missing shared memory (EEPROM/NVMEM/VMU) from shared directory before game launch

Flycast Dojo 6.35 introduces more enhancements and bug fixes for controller mapping and button check. Button Check now also supports macro buttons, finally giving an accurate picture of what is seen in-game. To make button mapping more intuitive, the hovered row is now highlighted.

Flycast Dojo 6.35 Release Notes

  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (NAOMI): Change Button Names (Assist A/B -> 1/2, Strong -> Heavy)
  • Controller Mapping: Highlight hovered row for Button Assignment

Flycast Dojo 6.34 Release Notes

  • Macros: Refactor Macro Assignment, Show in Button Check

Flycast Dojo 6.33 is a minor update for Mac OS that fixes launching Dreamcast games from Fightcade and other clients using the included file definitions.

Flycast Dojo 6.33 Release Notes

  • Mac OS & Linux: Fix Game Entry JSON location, Use base directory env vars when available

Flycast Dojo 6.32 includes bug fixes and features based on the feedback of the last Fightcade release. Test Game now loads all button and system definitions for the target game upon launch, and system selection is disabled in the controller mapping menu when a game is loaded to prevent player confusion.

Many Lua functions were also added to give the modding community a head start in making interesting Training scripts in Flycast Dojo. You can now read signed integers and floats from memory, read frame number, draw color progress bars, as well as draw lines and rectangles for hitboxes. Special thanks to N-Bee, mountainmanjed, & Magnetro for suggestions and help.

Lastly, for those of you who want to stay on your controller during Training Mode dummy recording, I added buttons for cycling between input slots, playing, and recording your selection. They can be found in the Training Mode section of your Controller Mapping settings.

Flycast Dojo 6.32 Release Notes

  • Linux: Copy Default VMU from shared dir when supported game is detected.
  • Lua: Rectangles, Lines; Support Floating point numbers

Flycast Dojo 6.31 Release Notes

  • Lua: Get Frame Number
  • Training: Dummy Recording, Select/Record/Play Input Slot Button
  • Match Codes/Relays: Hide Code/Key command line toggle
  • Lua: Rectangles, Lines (rect, line)
  • Lua: Color Progress Bars (bargraphColor)
  • Lua: Read Signed Integers from Memory (read8s, read16s, read32s)
  • Lua: Read Float from Memory (read32f)
  • Game Entries: Add all DC multiplayer game filenames (according to MobyGames) from Redump collection
  • Test Game: Show Button Names without launching game. Leaving Button Check goes back to Test Game screen.
  • Training: Switch Player, Check for null gamepad
  • Credits: Update Patrons
  • Test Game: Restrict input mapping to target game system
  • Controller Mapping: Disable system select when in game. Default to loaded game platform.
  • Training: Load Lua scripts in Paxtez MvC2 mods

Flycast Dojo 6.30 contains more bug fixes, and the ability to spectate & watch replays from sessions held on relays in addition to Match Codes.

I also added an A+Start macro intended for Capcom vs SNK 2 players to perform a one-button taunt when playing the Dreamcast version.

Flycast Dojo 6.30 Release Notes

  • Stream Receive: Force virtual assignment when mode toggled. Should not be saved.

Flycast Dojo 6.29 Release Notes

  • GUI, Spectate Match Code Sessions & Relays, convert to Popup
  • Relays: Allow mode selection after GUI cancel
  • Rename SpectateMatchCode option to SpectateKey
  • Training, Replays: Disable "Show Hotkeys" button (Fixes crashes)
  • Relay Match Spectating & Replay streaming
  • A+Start Macro, for DC CvS2 one button taunt
  • Add proper ROM path to parent when data folder is detected
  • Match Codes, Relays: Send all netplay steps to stdout

Flycast Dojo 6.28 serves as a bug fix release for Flycast Dojo 6.26. This release fixes Match Code & Relay launching from command line, the Windows internal updater to accept new releases, allows games without savestates to be played online again, and cleans up integration details needed for matchmaking frontends. Special thanks to Ren, ToastRider, & pof for reporting bugs, integration, and debugging assistance.

Flycast Dojo 6.28 Release Notes

  • Mac: Set proper Content Path when DOJO_BASE_DIR is assigned
  • Relays, CMD: Use Relay Key entered in arguments (Thanks Ren)
  • Relays: Fix Relay command line start
  • Savestate Download: Don't show successful save if file is not found
  • Client Join: send to stdout

Flycast Dojo 6.27 Release Notes

  • Savestate Download: Fix flickering screen, allow game to be launched when missing savestate
  • Internal Updater, Windows: Fix Updater, Accepts application/zip content type (Thanks ToastRider)
  • Match Codes: Start matchmaking session after host/join selection
  • Match Codes, Relay Keys: Send codes to stdout
  • GGPO: Send session start to stdout

Flycast Dojo 6.26 introduces a new connection method: relay servers. For users on networks where a direct P2P connection over Match Codes do not work, relay servers will allow you to tunnel all game traffic through a server visible by both parties on the open internet. Just point to your server of choice, and exchange codes with your opponent like you would with Match Codes. This should serve as an alternative to Fightcade's own tunnels or using a Virtual LAN with Direct IP.

New UI changes where also made in this go-around. All modes and connection methods are now available in the drop-down on the main menu, and helpful description text is available for each selection. Icons now adorn the interface, and the netplay flow has been cleaned up for all connection methods.

Since this is the first release with relays, this will be the first time they will be tested in the wild. I have put up 7 servers around the world according to the most active regions where Match Codes have been used. Once relays are in a solid place, I'll be releasing the server code so that people can host their own. Server capacity and new locations will be determined after initial testing and feedback of what is up now. (An extra special thanks to our Patreon contributors, who make server deploys possible!)

In future releases, I plan on combining the hole punching used in Match Codes with relays through automatic detection. In the mean time, you can start with Match Codes and switch over to a relay when that doesn't work.


Relay Servers

  • us-west-1.match.dojo.ooo (Hillsboro, OR, USA)
  • us-east-1.match.dojo.ooo (Ashburn, VA, USA)
  • chl-1.match.dojo.ooo (Santiago, Chile)
  • esp-1.match.dojo.ooo (Madrid, Spain)
  • fin-1.match.dojo.ooo (Helsinki, Finland)
  • kor-1.match.dojo.ooo (Seoul, South Korea)
  • aus-1.match.dojo.ooo (Sydney, Australia)

For news, support, and potential matchmaking, head over to the Dojo Project Discord. I'll be looking over the server performance and taking feedback there. Enjoy!

Flycast Dojo 6.26 Release Notes

  • Relay Servers
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • Connection Flow UI Overhaul
    • Match Codes
    • IP Entry
  • Main Screen: Mode & Connection Method Selection
  • Main Screen: Mode Descriptions
  • Savestate Download: Remove stuck modal on main menu return


Flycast Dojo 6.19 Release Notes

  • Fix Score Transmitting (disable by default for Fightcade)

This release now allows for match spectating with Match Codes! Spectating may be adjusted in the Replays settings, and matches may be watched either by entering the target Match Code in the main menu with SPECTATE selected, or visiting the replay server.


Replay server interface

Flycast Dojo 6.18 Release Notes

  • Session Transmission: Enable only services (Match Code server/Fightcade) by default. Add toggle.

Flycast Dojo 6.17 Release Notes

  • Replays: Fix local file loading
  • Fix Upscale Bleeding Edge (by Immersion95, transplanting from upstream). Helps with MvC2/CvS2 upscaling sprite issues.
  • Player Info: correct Order

Flycast Dojo 6.15 Release Notes

  • Savestate download: Cleanup Dojo variables on post-game launch
  • Spectate Match Code paste button.

Flycast Dojo 6.14 Release Notes

  • Replay Stream/Spectate: Selection by Match Code
  • Fix main menu button spacing
  • Prevent Transmission on receive

Flycast Dojo 6.13 Release Notes

  • Macros: 1+2+5, A+B+Y

Flycast Dojo 6.12 Release Notes

  • Fightcade Game Definition: Fix Unicode File Path Handling (Fixes #47)

Flycast Dojo 6.11 Release Notes

  • Quick Load: Load last selected save slot

Flycast Dojo 6.10 Release Notes

  • Training: Fix Random Playback Loop, Disable Random on Stop Toggle

To make offline games run smoother for locals, this release introduces an improved Quick Map flow, allowing you to select a player port at the beginning of prompt. The quick map button is also made available in the settings, in case you are unable to hit a menu button from your controller during a game.

Training Mode now sees bug fixes and restored features. When the Dummy Playback Loop is enabled and you hit a random slot, it will now cycle randomly through your Recording Slots instead of repeating the same one.

Disabling/Enabling the visuals of a Training Mode Overlay and the Lua script can now be toggled from the in-game menu. You can now pause and use frame step in Training Mode again. Replays should also allow you to pause.

I am near the end of a major refactor that will have Flycast Dojo inherit and keep the latest upstream changes from the Flycast project. The 6.xx versions will be for bug fixes for the sake of stability when playing with others on Fightcade.

Flycast Dojo 6.9 Release Notes

  • Mac OS: Settings, fix row alignment for Controls

Flycast Dojo 6.8 Release Notes

  • Load BIOS from parent data/ directory if available. Allows use of Fightcade ROMs at default location when BIOS files are placed in different directory.
  • Game Reference JSON: Update Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram CHD definition
  • Settings: Controls, Fix Physical Device Columns

Flycast Dojo 6.7 Release Notes

  • Training: Restore Pause & Frame Step
  • Training: Fix Overlay Toggle, Add Lua Toggle
  • Quick Map: Add Button to Settings
  • Quick Map: Player Select
  • Quick Map: Platform Select if game not running
  • In-Game Menu: Allow P2 Menu Selection
  • Training: Random Playback Slot, Cycles Random Slots

Delta version 1.6

Mise à jour
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L'un des meilleurs émulateurs disponible sur iPhone/iPad, distribué sur l'Altstore en Europe et sur l'AppStore d'Apple ailleurs.

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Présent sur Altstore



App Icon

  • Brand new legally-compliant app icon (thanks Caroline Moore!)
  • Includes alternative app icons designed by community members:
  • "Halogenide" by Sebastiaan de With
  • "Ketchup" by Ben McCarthy
  • "Microchip" by Sean Fletcher

iPad Support

  • Play games full screen on iPad's beautiful display
  • Brand new controller skins designed specifically for iPad (thanks Caroline Moore!)
  • Supports multiple windows in Stage Manager and Split View
  • Automatically pauses games when switching windows (optional)


  • Seamlessly switch between iPhone and iPad
  • Continues playing exactly where you left off
  • Also supports Delta on Apple Silicon Macs via Mac App Store

melonDS 0.9.5

  • Improves DS game compatibility & performance
  • BIOS files are now optional!
  • Supports "inserting" GBA games into DS dual-slot
  • Increased Fast Forward speed to 3x (A15 processor or later)

Menu Button Gestures

  • Use gestures while holding menu button to perform quick actions
  • Menu + Horizontal Swipe: Fast Forward
  • Menu + Any Button: Hold Button
  • Menu + Double-Tap: Quick Save
  • Menu + Long-Press: Quick Load

Experimental Features

  • New section in Settings for features by third-party contributors
  • Features are WIP and should be used at user’s discretion
  • Available for Patrons on "Beta Access" tier or higher

Save States

  • Sort save states by name
  • View all incompatible screenshots on a separate screen
  • Export save states to import into other emulators

“Display Full Screen” AirPlay Setting

  • Control whether Delta shows games full screen on external displays
  • Disable to use multiple windows on external display with Stage Manager


  • Supports Game Mode on iOS 18+
  • Increased DS screen size for default edge-to-edge iPhone landscape skin


  • Fixed exporting save file without file extension
  • Fixed interface rotating when playing WarioWare: Twisted!
  • Fixed Pokemon Black & White (2) freezing with C-Gear enabled

Folium version 1.6

Mise à jour
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    Icône iOS

Multi-émulateur open source iOS de GBA, DS et 3DS.

Fiche ios
Présent sur Altstore


3 juil. 2024

  • Adds back support for portrait when using Cytrus on iPhone

  • Adds back thumbsticks to both iPad and iPhone

  • Adds support for enabling LLE modules (for Pretendo)

  • Reduce memory usage by up to 200 MB


28 juin 2024

  • Changed how games are imported improving speed and fixing an issue where the library would flash constantly

  • Fixed an issue where the default skins on iPad would not work when in landscape

  • Fixed an issue where skins would not work when the skin didn't have a layout for the current orientation

  • Fixed an issue where the audio output volume when using OpenAL would be very low



21 juin 2024

  • Added support for enabling, disabling and removing cheats for Nintendo 3DS emulation

  • Added support for booting the Nintendo 3DS Home Menu (when imported)

  • Added a confirmation alert when using "Reset Settings" for Nintendo 3DS emulation

  • Added skin support for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS emulation

  • Added support to the on-screen controller and default skin for PlayStation emulation

  • Added support for iPad

  • Changed the on-screen controller and default skin to (hopefully) work on all supported iPad and iPhone models

  • Changed the user interface for the library

  • Fixed an issue where the emulation state would not toggle with the application state

  • Fixed an issue where Game Boy Advance games would not boot directly causing graphical issues

Retro Virtual Machine version 2.1.16

Mise à jour
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  • Logos
    logo intel
  • Logos
    Logo Apple Silicon
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits

Ecrit à  l'origine pour macOS, il émule les CPC et les ZX, MSX-1, SG-1000 et Master System et demande 10.9 au minimum.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


RetroVM v2.1.16 (02/07/2024)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the software from being installed on the SD cards of DivMMC / ZX-UNO.
  • Minor fixes

RetroVM v2.1.15 (14/06/2024)

  • Fixed CSW tape saving issue.
  • Reenabled Dinput joystick support on Windows and MacOS.

RetroVM v2.1.14 (30/05/2024)

  • Fixed a bug that in versions 2.1.12 and 2.1.13 caused the emulator to crash when adding devices to the ZX Spectrum +2A/+3.
  • Fixed state saving on the zxuno that caused it not to load correctly in all v2.1.x versions.
  • Fixed an issue in the memory mapper of the ZX Pentagon.

RetroVM v2.1.13 (25/05/2024)

  • Fixed an issue where the Amstrad CPC tape motor would not start in warp mode.
  • Added a pause at the start of TZX/CDT files to improve compatibility with the Amstrad CPC.

RetroVM v2.1.12 (23/05/2024)

  • NEW EXPERIMENTAL VERSION FOR RASPBERRY PI 5/4 (see the blog for more information)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the emulation to freeze on Linux.
  • Re-enabled Pulse Audio on Linux.
  • Compiled Linux Version against Ubuntu 18.04 to improve compatibility with some distros.
  • Re-implemented the Snow Bug in the ZX Spectrum (Thanks to Victor Iborra for the help). It should be pixel-perfect now.
  • Fixed a bug in the TZX decoder (Exploding Fist+) (Thanks to Victor Iborra for the help).
  • Fixed the GDB 0x19 block in the TZX decoder (Thanks to Victor Iborra for the help).
  • Fixed the palette reset issue in the CPC-Plus ASIC.
  • Fixed the initial memory bank reset issue in the CPC-Plus ASIC.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pentagon memory mapper.
  • Fixed the tape motor delay in the Amstrad CPC. All Opera Soft games should work now.
  • Fixed window size issues in low resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug in the PZX decoder.

RetroVM v2.1.11 (13/11/2023)

  • Fixed the bug that caused the window not to close in full screen on Windows.
  • Fixed the issue causing some dialog boxes to appear behind the window.
  • Hide the annoying debug window again.

RetroVM v2.1.10 (05/11/2023)

  • Corrected an issue where the disk drive would malfunction in the Plus 3 when the system was operational for over an hour.
  • Resolved the problem with snapshot loading on the ZX Spectrum 48k Issue 2.
  • Improved the step-in and step-out functionality of the WD1793; the Insult demo now functions correctly on the Pentagon model.
  • Properly reset the cartridge mappers for the MSX system.

RetroVM v2.1.9 (09/10/2023)

  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a disk into the ZX Pentagon machine would disable write protection.
  • Resolved a bug in WD1793 that prevented the Unreal demo from running when write protection was turned off.
  • Addressed compilation issues in XCode 15.
  • Updated Miniaudio to version 0.11.18.
  • Resolved display issues with warp shader stripes on 4K displays.
  • Improved drag and drop functionality for .rvmstate files across all machines.
  • Fixed instances where the emulator would hang when reading certain .rvmstate files.
  • Addressed an issue where the emulator would close unexpectedly when resizing the window on some Nvidia graphics cards.
  • Fixed Konami SCC Mapper bug

RetroVM v2.1.8 (01/09/2023)

  • Fixed the annoying black screen bug on Nvidia cards under Windows.
  • Fixed the annoying black flashes bug on AMD cards under Windows.
  • Updated romdb for MSX cartridges.
  • Fixed a bug in the MSX guess mapper algorithm.
  • Improved performance on the Windows version.

RetroVM v2.1.7 (24/07/2023)

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when launching the emulator on a secondary screen in MacOS.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented reading and writing correctly on SD cards larger than 4GB, with the error being more severe on Windows.
  • More work on the timings of the TKs (Still not 100% accurate).

RetroVM v2.1.6 (01/03/2023)

  • Adjusted the playback speed of the cassette on the MSX, ZX 128k, and all Microdigital computers, which was 2% faster than normal (yes, I have users with very keen ears ;) )
  • Removed the annoying debug screen in Windows
  • Some adjust to the Microdigital ULA contention (Not perfect yet)

RetroVM v2.1.5 (27/02/2023)

  • Fix sound after load a state in the ZX Spectrum Machines
  • Fix HDF file support
  • Fixed the category image for the Microdigital Machines
  • Fix RVM Hangs when no space left in the explorer window of a cpm disc.
  • Fix the timing of the out and in opcodes in the z80 (was incorrect in all the v2.1.x releases)
  • Fix some artwork

RetroVM v2.1.4 (18/01/2023)

  • Possible fix for a bug that caused RVM not to open on Mac if RVM v2.0 had been used before.
  • Machine sounds (cassette, disk, etc) respond to the main volume of the emulator now.
  • Implemented the differences in the 0x3f port of the Japanese Master System.
  • Implemented sprite zoom bug in Master System I VDP

RetroVM v2.1.3 (05/01/2023)

  • Fixed XMEM when adding it to any Amstrad Plus.
  • Fixed a race condition that could occur when flashing a Dandanator CPC.
  • Fixed the Multiplay on Windows and Linux.
  • Added a submessage to the notification when a gamepad is connected with the device name (to facilitate debugging)

RetroVM v2.1.2 (03/01/2023)

  • Added a new machine ‘GX-4000 with 128k Mod’
  • The ‘P’ key functions as a pause again in the Sega Master System and the Sega SG-1000.
  • In the NTSC SMS2, the SMS2 image is now correctly displayed instead of the SMS1 image in the cartridge panel.
  • Fixed the port DFXX in the GX4000
  • Mapped the GX4000 pause button to the P key and the ESC key
  • Mapped alternatively the pause NMI button to the ESC key in the SMS and SG-1000
  • Enabled the ‘-ns’ no shader CLI switch
  • Copyright adapted to the new year!

RetroVM v2.1.1 (31/12/2022)

  • Fixed, the emulator will hang when inserting a disk in drive B of any Amstrad CPC
  • Added a message to warn that the emulator must be restarted when adding firmware to the firmware Vault
  • Added a message to the joystick emulation notification, with the keys that are used

RetroVM v2.1.0 (30/12/2022)

New machines

Amstrad CPC

  • Amstrad CPC 464 Plus
  • Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus
  • Amstrad GX-4000

ZX Spectrum

  • ZX Spectrum 48k NTSC
  • ZX Spectrum Pentagon
  • Microdigital TK-90X
  • Microdigital TK-95


  • Toshiba HX-10P
  • Toshiba HX-10S
  • Toshiba HX-10D


  • Colecovision PAL
  • Colecovision NTSC

Sega SG-1000

  • Sega SG-1000

Sega Master System

  • Master System 1 + FM Japanesse
  • Master System 1 NTSC
  • Master System 1 PAL
  • Master System 2 NTSC
  • Master System 2 PAL

New chips emulated

  • Texas Instruments TMS9918
  • Sega Master System VDP
  • Texas Instruments SN76489 (PSG)
  • Yamaha YM2413
  • Western Digital FD1793
  • Amstrad ASIC

New Features

  • MacOs Version universal (Intel / Apple Silicon)
  • App optimized to work on HiDPI displays (4k, retina display) on MacOs, Windows and Linux
  • Tape counter
  • Zip files support and zip with multiples files support
  • New overlay effect
  • New LCD on the overlay
  • New blur background effect
  • Keyboard support for joystick emulation
  • New audio engine using miniaudio
  • The app no longer uses SDL
  • Rewrited from scratch Amstrad CPC emulation, significantly faster
  • CRTC-0 and CRTC-1 Selectable in Amstrad CPC machines
  • ESXDOS Rom selectable in divmmc and zxuno
  • Support for changing internal ROMs in ZX Spectrum machines
  • Improved effects on the audio panel
  • New machine icons and flags
  • Reducd input lag
  • Reduced frame tearing
  • Support for TSX files in the MSX

Dolphin version 2407

Mise à jour
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    Logo de macOS
  • Logos
    logo intel
  • Logos
    Logo Apple Silicon
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits

Emulateur multi plateformes des consoles Nintendo Wii et GameCube dont le dernière release stable officielle est la 5.0.

MAME version 0.267

Mise à jour
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    Logo de Mac OS Classic (pré Mac OS X)
  • Logos
    Logo de macOS
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    Icône iOS
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C'est l'émulateur Arcade incontournable. Seules les sources sont officiellement disponibles.

Fiche ios
Présent sur Altstore
  • Updated to MAME 250.
  • tvOS UX: use a Alert instead of a inline Segmented Control.
  • Show upload feedback in Web Server UX.
  • Added Make First Favorite to game context menu.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques

0.267 2024-06-30

MAME Testers bugs fixed
- 05411: [Graphics] (apple/maclc3.cpp) maclc3: Jigsaw Puzzle pieces are drawn incorrectly. (R. Belmont)
- 08793: [Core] (apple/maclc.cpp) Mac II FPU Errors: 68881 instructions produce incorrect results. (R. Belmont)
- 08870: [Debugger] debugger: The tracesym command uses a view of a destructed temporary string. (Patrick Mackinlay)

New working systems
Hayauchi Gun Kids [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
Hewlett-Packard HP 9816A [F.Ulivi]
Krypton / Timorite Regency [hap, Berger]
Novag Industries Zircon II [hap, Berger, Sean Riddle]
Saitek Kasparov Turbo Advanced Trainer (H8/3212 version) [hap, Berger]

New working clones
Aerolitos Espaciales (Spanish bootleg of Asteroids) [Heckler, jordigahan]
Benesse Corporation Pocket Challenge V2 [David Haywood]
Chloe Corporation Chloe 280SE [Andrew Owen, holub]
Fidelity Computer Products Elite A/S Challenger (experimental) [Berger]
Goindol (Afega) [playero]
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 USA (95/07/11) [twistedsymphony, The Dumping Union]
Heath Company H-89 with MMS Equipment [Mark Garlanger]
Jigoku Meguri (Japan) [Brian Troha]
Little Casino (set 2) [Siftware]
Little Casino II (v17.0) [Siftware]
Match It [f205v, Smitdogg, Sean Sutton, Brian Troha, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
Ms. Pac-Man (Elmac bootleg, earlier) [IZ8DWF]
Ms. Pac-Man (Elmac bootleg, later) [Tirino73]
Pac-Man (Model Racing bootleg) [IZ8DWF]
Pleiads (GMP Games) [IZ8DWF]
Saitek Kasparov Turbo Advanced Trainer (H8/323 version) [Berger]
Salamander (Tecfri license) [Arcadedealer aka Edgar Solé aka Dios, Recreativas.org]
Shisensho - Joshiryo-Hen (Japan, set 2) [twistedsymphony, The Dumping Union]
SpecNext Ltd., Victor Trucco, Fabio Belavenuto ZX Spectrum Next: TBBlue [holub]
Tomy Prin-C (Rev 3) [QUFB]
Trivia (Questions Series 7, alt question ROM) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

Systems promoted to working
Soccer 10 (ver. 16.44) [Ivan Vangelista]
Tomy Prin-C Tablet [QUFB]

Clones promoted to working
Tomy Prin-C (Rev 1) [QUFB]

New systems marked not working
Another World (Japan, V1.8) [hammy, Angelo Salese, AJR]
Benesse Corporatio Challenge Gear (Japan) [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3]
Cut The Rope [Museo del Recreativo]
Mad Money 2 [Joan RF, jordigahan]
Print Club (Japan Vol.3) [Moffitt]
Print Club Yoshimoto V1 (J 970208 V1.000) [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
Santa Fe Mine (set 1) [Sergio y Vicente de electronicaVyS, Recreativas.org]
Shun [hammy]
Sony Librie EBR 1000 [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
Super Kids (V019CN) [XingXing]
Super Luster II [Sergio Galiano]
unknown Yuvo Joy Stand game (set 1) [hammy]
VTech Kidi SuperStar LightShow [ArcadeHacker, ClawGrip]
VTG Interactive Virtual Baseball (VTG) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
Xyplex Inc. MAXserver MX-3210 Local Router [ClawGrip]

New clones marked not working
Cheri Mondo '97 (V1.4I) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
Cherry Bonus III (Ziogas V4.1 hack, set 1) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
Cherry Bonus III (Ziogas V4.1 hack, set 2) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
Grand Lizard (L-1) [inkochnito, PinMAME]
IVL Technologies (Bandai license) Karaoke Station (Japan) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
La Rana (set 2) [Manuel]
Santa Fe Mine (set 2) [Sergio y Vicente de electronicaVyS, Recreativas.org]
Secret Service (4.0, Europe) [inkochnito, PinMAME]
X-Reel [Sean Riddle]

New working software list items
coco_flop: Zonx (The Rainbow) [TRS-80 Color Computer Archive]
coleco_homebrew: AntiAir, Ascend, Battlot, Cacorm, Cracky, Guntus, Hopman, Yewdow [Inufuto]
gameking3: 2030 [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3]
ibm5150: Gunship (3.5", Futura Games), Stunt Car Racer (Big Games), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Big Games) [Total DOS Collection]
  SG1000 (v0.96) [GDX]
  SofaSMS (v1.1) [Louthrax]
  NEWS-OS Release 4.1R Version Up Kit [Brice Onken]
  NEWS-OS Release 4.2.1aRD Installation Kit [Brice Onken, WinWorld]
  Bruxólico (English, demo 1.0), Bruxólico (English, demo 2.0), Bruxólico (Portuguese, demo 1.0), Bruxólico (Portuguese, demo 2.0)
  Apocalypse - Expansion Volume 2 - Chapter 2 [ArcadeShadow]
  Ant Attack (JRS), Bingo (Astor), Gestion de Stock, Impossaball (PIM), Linear Programming (alt), Optimisa (Portuguese),
  Rana Rama (PIM), Simulátor Letu + Cielová Zástava [Planeta Sinclair]
  19 Part 1 - Boot Camp (Zafiro), The Artist II (48K), The Battle of the Bulge (System 4), Bomb Munchies (version 2350),
  Cobra's Arc (English), Cobra's Arc (newer release), Don Juan et Dragueurs (ATMOS/Spectrum release),
  Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Dro Soft), Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Dro Soft, small case),
  Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (Dro Soft), Dossier "G", Glider Rider (Zafiro), Initiation au Basic 1,
  Initiation au Basic 2, Initiation au Basic 3, Initiation au Basic 4, Jock and the Time Rings (Z Cobra), Manager (Software Center),
  Manchester United (System 4), Manchester United Europe (System 4), Nebulus (Erbe), Prohibition (Zafi Chip), Sim City (Erbe),
  Split Images (PIM), Split Personalities (Zafi Chip), WEC Le Mans (Erbe) [Spectrum Computing]
  Androide (1984, ERE Informatique, alt), Awari (ERE), Don Juan et Dragueurs, Cobra's Arc (ERE), Hewson (compilation),
  Histoire (alt), L'Ile Maudite (two sides), Math (ERE, alt), Othello (1983, ERE, alt) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
x68k_flop: Chourensha 68k (v1.00, alt) [buffi]

Software list items promoted to working
princ: Bad Badtz-Maru, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Hobby Club, Kazoku de Nengajou, Kodomo no Omocha, Pochacco [QUFB]
x1_flop: Nobunaga no Yabou, Re-Birth [Angelo Salese, Carl]

New software list items marked not working
challenge_gear_cart: Challenge 6-nensei [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3]
msxr_cart: Losaben Akel (demo), MSX View (Japan, v1.00), MSX View (Japan, v1.21), Zone Terra (demo) [file-hunter]
  NetBSD 4.0, NetBSD 4.0.1, NetBSD 5.0, NetBSD 5.0.1, NetBSD 5.0.2, NetBSD 5.1, NetBSD 5.1.1, NetBSD 5.1.2, NetBSD 5.1.3,
  NetBSD 5.1.4, NetBSD 5.1.5, NetBSD 5.2, NetBSD 5.2.1, NetBSD 5.2.2, NetBSD 5.2.3, NetBSD 6.0, NetBSD 6.0.1, NetBSD 6.0.2,
  NetBSD 6.0.3, [Davide Cavalca]
spectrum_cass: Comercio Cosmico, Cosmic Commerce (English) [Spectrum Computing]

Merged pull requests
- 11918: sinclair/specnext.cpp: Emulated ZX Spectrum Next: TBBlue. [holub]
- 12092: cpu/pic16x8x: Added PIC16x83 and PIC16x84 emulation based on existing 14-bit PICmicro CPU cores. [Grull Osgo]
- 12179: sgi_mips.xml: Added NetBSD 4, 5 and 6 installation CDs (not working). [Davide Cavalca]
- 12226: casio/pickytlk.cpp: Add tablet support and corrected screen size. [QUFB]
- 12337: sinclair/chloe.cpp: Emulated Chloe 280SE (Timex TS2068 successor). [Andrew Owen, holub]
- 12353: spectrum_cass.xml: Added 49 items (47 working), and improved metadata. [ArcadeShadow]
- 12369: skeleton/madmoney2.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for the Picmatic Mad Money 2 slot machine. [Joan RF, jordigahan, ClawGrip]
- 12371: sony/librie.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for the Sony Librie EBR 1000 e-book reader. [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
- 12377: plugins/hiscore: Added support for Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr (New Wide Screen). [udance4ever]
- 12378: coco_flop.xml: Added Zonx (The Rainbow). [TRS-80 Color Computer Archive, udance4ever]
- 12380: skeleton/mx3210.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for the Xyplex MAXserver MX-3210 Local Router. [ClawGrip]
- 12383: emu/emucore.h: Fixed build with compilers that require exceptions to be copyable (GitHub #11316). [Roman Donchenko]
- 12388: coleco_homebrew.xml: Added eight working items. [Inufuto, ArcadeShadow]
- 12391: pinball/inder.cpp: Added an additional set of “La Rana” [Manuel, ClawGrip]
- 12392: galaxian/galaxian.cpp: Dumped palette PROM for Catacomb. [Arcadedealer aka Edgar Solé aka Dios, Recreativas.org, ClawGrip]
- 12393: vtech/kidsupstar.cpp: Added a skeleton for the VTech Kidi SuperStar LightShow karaoke system. [ArcadeHacker, ClawGrip]
- 12394: ibm5150.xml: Added three working items. [Total DOS Collection, ArcadeShadow]
- 12400: pc/cuttherope.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for ICE’s Cut The Rope redemption game. [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
- 12402: sega/segac2.cpp: Added Print Club (Japan Vol.3) (not working). [Moffitt]
- 12408: hp/hp98x6.cpp: Added HP 9816A emulation. [F.Ulivi]
- 12409: ussr/bk.cpp: Use K1801VM1 CPU and 1801VP1-014 keyboard interface devices. [shattered]
- 12411: formats/fs_coco_rsdos.cpp: Added basic support for writing. [Wilbert Pol]
- 12412: vsystem/rpunch.cpp: Improved graphics ROM region names and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- 12413: heathzenith/h89.cpp: Added an H-89 variant with the Magnolia Microsystems floppy drive controller. [Mark Garlanger]
- 12414: machine/wd_fdc.cpp: Lower DRQ output when track write completes. [Mark Garlanger]
- 12415: namco/namcops2.cpp: Changed Soul Calibur III years to the year the arcade version was released. [AnthonyRyuki]
- 12416: skeleton/easy_karaoke.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for the Bandai Karaoke Station. [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- 12417: sigma/sigmab98.cpp: Added Hayauchi Gun Kids. [Darksoft, TeamEurope, David Haywood]
- 12418: nichibutsu/shettle.cpp: Use the same palette PROM decoding scheme as Wiping. [David Haywood]
- 12419: msx, bus/msx/cart: Added support for switching between internal and external kanji ROM. [Wilbert Pol]
- 12420: Don’t abbreviate “Europe” in system and software descriptions. [Angelo Salese]
- 12421: machine/mb3773.cpp, machine/watchdog.cpp: Send watchdog reset message to debugger log. [Angelo Salese]
- 12423: cpu/z80.cpp: Reimplemented Z80 emulation with support for returning to the scheduler during an instruction. [holub]
- 12424: pinball/inder.cpp: Marked second set of La Rana as a clone. [ClawGrip]
- 12425: seibu/t5182.cpp: Removed hard-coded configuration assumptions and cleaned up drivers using the device. [cam900]
- 12427: cpu/f2mc16: Implemented several more instructions and fixed numerous issues. [QUFB]
- 12428: tomy/princ.cpp: Emulated video output and inputs, and added an additional ROM version. [QUFB]
- 12430: tch/wheelfir.cpp: Dumped some of the PLDs for Kong Ball and Radical Enduro. [OldComputers ES, ClawGrip]
- 12434: tch/wheelfir.cpp: Made blitter emulation work better for Power Ball. [David Haywood]
- 12435: machine/cxd1185.cpp: Implemented SPHI feature; sony/dmac_0448.cpp: Implemented autopad feature. [Brice Onken]
- 12436: igs/pgm2.cpp: Dumped the Flash ROMs for Bu Bu Car. [Victor Fernandez (City Game), Recreativas.org, ClawGrip]
- 12437: konami/nemesis.cpp: Added Tecfri Salamander. [Arcadedealer aka Edgar Solé aka Dios, Recreativas.org, ClawGrip]
- 12439: imagedev/floppy.cpp: Fixed failure to locate the first flux transition on a track. [Roman Donchenko]
- 12440: sinclair/spec128.cpp, sinclair/specpls3.cpp: Adjusted border chunk rendering position based on testing. [holub]
- 12441: emu/drivenum.cpp: Avoid using an invalidated iterator in find_approximate_matches. [Roman Donchenko]
- 12443: cpu/f2mc16: Implemented more instructions used by Tomy Prin-C software. [QUFB]
- 12445: cpu/z80/z80make.py: Generate full operation list for every core variant. [holub, Wilbert Pol]
- 12447: kaneko/djboy.cpp: Use palette format helper to handle palette writes, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- 12448: kaneko/hvyunit.cpp: kaneko/hvyunit.cpp: Reduced literal tag usage and improved graphics ROM region names. [cam900]
- 12451: gaelco/gaelco2.cpp: Added developers/licensees to manufacturers, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- 12452: imagedev/floppy.cpp: Fixed out-of-bounds access to “seek” audio samples. [Roman Donchenko]
- 12453: msx2_flop.xml: Added two working items. [GDX, Louthrax, Wilbert Pol]
- 12454: msx2p_flop.xml: Updated description and usage notes for Tetris II Special Edition. [Wilbert Pol]
- 12455: msxr_cart.xml: Added four items (not working). [file-hunter, Wilbert Pol]
- 12457: gaelco/mastboy.cpp: Use tilemap and palette format helper; emu/emupal.cpp: Added a 12-bit GRB format helper. [cam900].
- 12459: gamegear.xml, megadriv.xml, tutor.xml: Replaced abbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
- 12462: plugins/hiscore: Added 250 ms delay for Balloon Bomber and Lupin III (fixes GitHub #12432). [Mike Sheehan]
- 12466: atari/asteroid.cpp: Added a Spanish bootleg of Asteroids called Aerolitos Espaciales. [Heckler, jordigahan, ClawGrip]
- 12470: recfranco/rf51w14cg.cpp: Added two sets of Santa Fe Mine. [Sergio y Vicente de electronicaVyS, Recreativas.org, ClawGrip]
- 12471: tecmo/gaiden.cpp: Fixed issues with saved states and cleaned up code. [cam900]
- 12472: cpu/z80: Refactored code for retrying memory accesses based on examples in documentation. [holub]
- 12473: sony_news.xml: Added a Sony NEWS software list with NEWS-OS installation and upgrade media. [Brice Onken]
- 12474: cpu/z80/z80.cpp: Fixed name of generated source file to #include for NSC800. [holub]
- 12475: cpu/z80: Check BUSRQ immediately before servicing interrupts. [holub]
- 12476: tecmo/bombjack.cpp: Merged with sega/calorie.cpp and improved emulation accuracy. [jackson2k2]
- 12477: cpu/z80: Fixed misleading indentation warnings. [holub]
- 12478: sinclair/specnext_sprites.cpp: Fixed uninitialised local variable warning. [holub]
- 12480: igs/igs_fear.cpp: Added Super Kids (V019CN) (not working). [XingXing, David Haywood]
- 12481: bus/msx/cart/ram.cpp: Added support for the Tecnobytes Double RAM cartridge. [Wilbert Pol]
- 12486: igs/igs_fear.cpp: Replaced bad microcontroller dump for Super Kids. [XingXing, David Haywood]
- 12487: benesse/challenge_gear.cpp: Dumped the Challenge Gear and one cartridge. [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3, David Haywood]
- 12488: gameking3.xml: Added the shooter 2030. [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3, David Haywood]
- 12489: machine/am9513.cpp: Fixed the log message when setting a counter input to a cascaded TC output. [Adam Billyard]
- 12490: konami/ksys573.cpp: Initialize PC Card slot card detect signal states. [Windy Fairy]
- 12493: recfranco/rf51w14cg.cpp: Removed bad dump of protected Santa Fe Mine reels PIC microcontroller. [ClawGrip]
- 12496: challenge_gear_cart.xml: Corrected title of the dumped cartridge and a added list of undumped cartridges. [David Haywood]
- 12497: tvgames/spg2xx.cpp: Added VTG Interactive Virtual Baseball (not working). [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
- 12499: unico/goori.cpp: Use generic graphics decoding layouts, improved ROM region names, and cleaned up code. [cam900]

Source changes
Systems promoted to working
Alone Shettle Crew [Angelo Salese]

-sigma/sigmab98.cpp: fix mnrockman music and speed [MetalliC]

New systems marked not working
Print Club Yoshimoto V1 (J 970208 V1.000) [Darksoft, Team Europe]

New clones marked not working
Cheri Mondo '97 (V1.4I) [Ioannis Bampoulas]

-konami/konamigx.cpp: fix PSAC4 color offset and gfxdecode bitplanes, honor cliprect [angelosa]

-konami/konamigx.cpp: hookup racinfrc brake and gear shift inputs [angelosa]

-cpu/m68000: Updated 680x0 FPU to Softfloat 3 from 2. (MT5411 and MT8793). [R. Belmont]
 * Update to Softloat 3 from 2
 * FREM and FMOD now generate the quotient bits in FPSR, required by Apple's SANE to do sin/cos/tan properly.
 * FMOVE of a float to a Dx integer register generates the exception status bits, fixing square roots in SANE
 * Rewrote how FMOVEM instructions are decoded and executed, fixing issues including skipping too few or too many opcode bytes and
    causing serious weird behavior.
 * FPU instructions all now have more realistic cycle timings for a 68881.
 * All FPU instructions now generate exception bits in FPSR.
   - 3rdparty/softfloat3: Updates [R. Belmont]
 * Softfloat3 was always being built for a big-endian host, causing incorrect math on LE x64 and AArch64 machines.
 * Fixed up Softfloat3 to build properly as part of MAME and up-ported the Bochs extensions.  In latest Bochs, they were only
    partially up-ported and Softfloat3 had been hacked up to be more like 2; here they're fixed to work with stock Softfloat3.

-cpu/m68000: Turn off FPU verbose logging, implement missing FMOVE #imm32 mode. [R. Belmont]

New working clones
Grand Lizard (L-1) [Inkochnito, PinMAME]

New working clones
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 USA (95/07/11) [twistedsymphony, The Dumping Union]

-vsystem/rpunch.cpp: Minor cleanups (#12412) [cam900]
 * Use generic gfx decode layout
 * Fix ROM region naming
 * Reduce preprocessor defines
 * Reduce literal tag usages

-heathzenith: Removed trivia file - content should be on wiki, etc. [Vas Crabb]

-Fixed various warnings. [Vas Crabb]

-tools/aueffectutil.mm: Fix build. [Vas Crabb]

-sound/coreaudio_sound.cpp: Simplify. [Vas Crabb]

-alpha/equites.cpp: reverse irq meanings, fix bullfgtr timing [angelosa]

-konami/ksys573.cpp: acknowledge Success as publisher for salarymc [angelosa]

-seta/seta.cpp: acknowledge Nihon System as publisher for pairlove [angelosa]

-capcom/cps1.cpp: sf2ceupl UPL bootleg is speculation league, mark it as such [angelosa]

-h8: return 0xff when reading from port DDR (eg. RMW opcodes on DDR) [hap]

-nitchibutsu/shettle.cpp - Change shettle palette PROM decode to match wiping (#12418) [mamehaze]

Systems promoted to working
Soccer 10 (ver. 16.44) [Ivan Vangelista]

-igs/goldstar.cpp: consolidated driver into single file, some improvements for the jkrmast sets [Ivan Vangelista]

-new WORKING machine (Gun Kids - Sammy Medal game) (#12417) [mamehaze]

New working systems
Hayauchi Gun Kids [Darksoft, TeamEurope]

-heathkit/h89.cpp: Add Magnolia Microsystems DD controller and h89-mms system (#12413) [Mark Garlanger]

New working clones
Goindol (Afega) [playero]

New working clones
Trivia (Questions Series 7, alt question ROM) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

New clones marked not working
Cherry Bonus III (Ziogas V4.1 hack, set 1) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
Cherry Bonus III (Ziogas V4.1 hack, set 2) [Ioannis Bampoulas]

New systems marked not working (#12416)
Karaoke Station (Japan) [Team Europe, David Haywood]

-pinball/inder.cpp: Add a new set of "La Rana" (#12391) [ClawGrip]

New clones marked not working
La Rana (set 2) [Manuel]

-galaxian/galaxian.cpp: Dumped PROM for "catacomb" [Arcadedealer aka Edgar Solé aka Dios, Recreativas.org] (#12392) [ClawGrip]

New working systems
Regency [hap, Berger]

New working software list items
x68k_flop.xml: Chourensha 68k (v1.00, alt) [buffi]

-msx/msx.cpp: Add system control register to allow switching between internal and external kanji support. (#12419) [wilbertpol]

-sharp/x1.cpp: convert machine_start/reset calls [angelosa]

-hash/x1_flop.xml: QA checkpoint [angelosa]

-konami/ksys573.cpp: consistant salarymc subtitle as per PS1 version [angelosa]

-seta/seta.cpp: remove character design crediting across manufacturer fields [angelosa]

-sound/sn76496.cpp: fix log neutrality violation [angelosa]

-taito/tsamurai.cpp: make alphaxz a parent set [angelosa]

-suna/go2000.cpp: SunA manufacturer confirmed from research [AugiteSoul]

-cpu/m68000: FPU now sets the NaN flag for all NaNs, not just signalling.  Fixes dendego black screen in attract mode. [R. Belmont]

-Various cleanups: [Vas Crabb]
 * tools/aueffectutil.mm: Fixed more deprecation warnings.
 * Got rid of some sprintf and strcat (generates warnings on macOS).
 * cpu/mipsx: Got stuff out of headers that shouldn't be there.

-hash/x1_flop: Fix validation. [R. Belmont]

-cpu/mipsx/mipsxdasm.cpp: fix compilation on Clang [Ivan Vangelista]

-Add a skeleton for Xyplex MX-3210 Local Router (#12380) [ClawGrip]

New systems marked not not working
MAXserver MX-3210 Local Router [ClawGrip]

-pinball/inder.cpp: Fix parent/clone relationship for 'larana2' (#12424) [ClawGrip]

-Bulk replace Euro -> Europe in Arcade GAME descriptions (#12420) [Angelo Salese]

-Change Soulcalibur III: Arcrelease date (#12415) [AnthonyRyuki]

-docs: Added sections with recommendations for submitting machines that require media and/or user intervention to start up.
 [R. Belmont]

-itech/capbowl.cpp: fix bowlrama title parsing [angelosa]

-misc/tickee.cpp: fix rapidfir/maletmad title parsing [angelosa]

-namco/namcops2.cpp: fix soulclb3 title parsing as per #12415 comment [angelosa]

-nichibutsu/shettle.cpp: remove MACHINE_IMPERFECT_COLORS flag [angelosa]

-alpha/splendor.cpp: denote same irq meanings as per equites.cpp bullfgtr [angelosa]

-docs: fix markup on the links that were added. [R. Belmont]

-cpu/f2mc16: Add and fix several instructions (#12427) [qufb]

-tomy/tomy_princ.cpp: Emulate graphics and inputs (#12428) [qufb]

-cpu/f2mc16: Removed ancient diagnostic printf. [R. Belmont]

-lib/formats/fs_coco_rsdos.cpp: Add basic write support. (#12411) [wilbertpol]

-machine/wd_fdc.cpp: lower drq at the end of track write (#12414) [Mark Garlanger]

-dpsv55: Fix regression due to changes in MCU emulation [AJR]

-sega/naomigd.cpp: added DIMM v3.01 firmware [Guru]

-ui/selmenu.cpp: Fixed out-of-bounds access when no primary items are visible (fixes GitHub #12429). [Vas Crabb]
 * Also fixed separator being highlighted as though it were selectable.

-sega/naomigd.cpp: fix -validate [angelosa]

-tch/wheelfir.cpp - Improve graphics emulation of wheelfir and pwball + some cleanup (from PR#12396). [David Haywood]

-the actual TCH PR (#12434) [mamehaze]
 * Co-authored-by: DavidHaywood <hazemamewip@hotmail.com>

-emucore.h: fix build error on VC++ (#12383) [Roman Donchenko]

-Add cpu device PIC16x8x - Add PIC16F84 to magicle into misc/magicard.cpp (#12092) [grullosgo]

-cpu/z80/z80.cpp new generatable core (#12423) [holub]

-igs/pgm2.cpp: Add missing flash ROMs from Bu Bu Car [Victor Fernandez (City Game), Recreativas.org] (#12436) [ClawGrip]

-sony/news_r3k.cpp: Add support for NEWS-OS 4.1R (#12435) [Brice Onken]

-bk.cpp: use K1801VM1 cpu core and keyboard controller device (#12409) [shattered]

-nokia/mikromikko2: Added preliminary video. [Curt Coder]

-nokia/mikromik: Confirmed M7 address decoder ROM dump. [MikkoMuseo]

-HP9816A added (#12408) [fulivi]

New Working Machines
HP9816A [F.Ulivi]

-seibu/t5182.cpp: Remove hardcoded tags, Cleanups: (#12425) [cam900]
 * seibu/darkmist.cpp: Cleanups seibu/metlfrzr.cpp: Cleanups seibu/mustache.cpp: Cleanups seibu/panicr.cpp: Cleanups

-nec/pc8801.cpp: enable partial updates after #12423 [angelosa]

-machine/watchdog.cpp: relax log message (#12421) [Angelo Salese]
 * machine/watchdog.cpp: get rid of verbose call, reword comments

-imagedev/floppy: fix a bug with reading the first 1-bit on a track (#12439) [Roman Donchenko]
 * `floppy_image_device::find_index` uses binary search to find the index for which `buf[spos] <= position < buf[spos + 1]`.
    However, the algorithm behaves incorrectly when `position < buf[0]`. In this case, the algorithm returns 0, as if `position` was
    between `buf[0]` and `buf[1]`.
 * The effect of this is that if `get_next_transition` is called with a timestamp that is between the start of the revolution and
    the first transition, then instead of returning the timestamp of that transition, it returns the timestamp of the second
    transition instead. Essentially, the first 1-bit on the track gets flipped to a 0.
 * I have encountered this in Apple II emulation, where this bug manifests as sporadic I/O errors.
 * Fix it by doing two things:
 * 1. Replace `find_index` with a call to `upper_bound` from the standard library, which behaves correctly in edge cases.
 * 2. If `upper_bound` signals that `position < buf[0]`, then adjust `base` and `index` to point to the last transition of the
    previous revolution.

-konami/nemesis.cpp: Add a Tecfri licensed version of Salamander (#12437) [ClawGrip]

New clones marked not working
X-Reel [Sean Riddle]

-misc: update some notes [hap]

-saitek_osa/maestro: dumped another Maestro B version [Berger]

New systems marked not working
unknown Sunwise tarot card game [Hammy]

-taito/taito_z.cpp: remove non-existant dial input from aquajack [angelosa]

-tch/rltennis.cpp: assume MC68000P8 clock is 8 MHz, demote driver to MACHINE_IMPERFECT_TIMING [angelosa]

-kaneko/expro02.cpp: convert screen to use set_raw [angelosa]

-dataeast/chanbara.cpp: fix title field [angelosa]

-cpu/f2mc16: Add additional instructions from Prin-C disassembly (#12443) [qufb]

-f2mc16: Disassembly updates [AJR]
 * Correct decoding of FILSWI
 * Eliminate unnecessary and somewhat confusing INC A and DEC A aliases

-am79c90: improve interrupt logic [Brice Onken]

-debug: fix MT#08870, debugger tracesym regression [Patrick Mackinlay]

-util/ioprocs.cpp: Count zero actual bytes written on a write call as an error.  Fixes lock-up writing to a write-protected image.
 [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]

-xreel: dumped the fake transistor [Sean Riddle]

-dataeast: bulk replace Data East -> Data East Corporation where known to be displayed with that form [angelosa]

New systems marked not working
Shun [hammy]

-bfm: bulk replace Deal or No Deal wrong title capitalization [angelosa]

-cpu/z80/z80.cpp Update core generator to support r800 [holub, Wilbert Pol] (#12445) [holub]

-drivenum.cpp: fix undefined behavior in find_approximate_matches (#12441) [Roman Donchenko]
 * If `it` points to the last element of `penalty`, the `resize` call invalidates it, and the subsequent call to `emplace` is
    undefined. This causes a crash in MSVC debug mode.
 * Fix it by resizing _after_ emplacing.

-sinclair/spec128.cpp,sinclair/specpls3.cpp: adjust border chunk render position (#12440) [holub]

-tch/wheelfir.cpp: Add a few PLDs dumps to Kong Ball and Radical Enduro [OldComputers ES]] (#12430) [ClawGrip]

-spectrum_cass.xml: Added 47 working items + 2 not working (#12353) [ArcadeShadow]
 * spectrum_cass.xml: Added 47 working items + 2 not working

New working software list additions
19 Part 1 - Boot Camp (Zafiro) [Spectrum Computing]
Androide (1984, ERE Informatique, alt) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Ant Attack (JRS) [Planeta Sinclair]
Awari (ERE) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Bingo (Astor) [Planeta Sinclair]
Bomb Munchies (version 2350) [Spectrum Computing]
Bruxólico (demo 2.0, English) [Amaweks]
Bruxólico (demo 2.0, Portuguese) [Amaweks]
Bruxólico (demo 1.0, English) [Amaweks]
Bruxólico (demo 1.0, Portuguese) [Amaweks]
Cobra's Arc (English) [Spectrum Computing]
Cobra's Arc (ERE) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Cobra's Arc (newer release) [Spectrum Computing]
Don Juan et Dragueurs [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Don Juan et Dragueurs (ATMOS/Spectrum release) [Spectrum Computing]
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Dro Soft) [Spectrum Computing]
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Dro Soft, small case) [Spectrum Computing]
Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (Dro Soft) [Spectrum Computing]
Dossier "G" [Spectrum Computing]
Gestion de Stock [Planeta Sinclair]
Glider Rider (Zafiro) [Spectrum Computing]
Hewson (compilation) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Histoire (alt) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Impossaball (PIM) [Planeta Sinclair]
Initiation au Basic 1 [Spectrum Computing]
Initiation au Basic 2 [Spectrum Computing]
Initiation au Basic 3 [Spectrum Computing]
Initiation au Basic 4 [Spectrum Computing]
Jock and the Time Rings (Z Cobra) [Spectrum Computing]
L'Ile Maudite (two sides) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Linear Programming (alt) [Planeta Sinclair]
Manager (Software Center) [Spectrum Computing]
Manchester United (System 4) [Spectrum Computing]
Manchester United Europe (System 4) [Spectrum Computing]
Math (ERE, alt) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Nebulus (Erbe) [Spectrum Computing]
Optimisa (Portuguese) [Planeta Sinclair]
Othello (1983, ERE, alt) [El Trastero del Spectrum]
Prohibition (Zafi Chip) [Spectrum Computing]
Rana Rama (PIM) [Planeta Sinclair]
Sim City (Erbe) [Spectrum Computing]
Simulátor Letu + Cielová Zástava [Planeta Sinclair]
Split Personalities (PIM) [Spectrum Computing]
Split Personalities (Zafi Chip) [Spectrum Computing]
The Artist II (48K) [Spectrum Computing]
The Battle of the Bulge (System 4) [Spectrum Computing]
WEC Le Mans (Erbe) [Spectrum Computing]

New NOT working software list addition
Comercio Cosmico [Spectrum Computing]
Cosmic Commerce (English) [Spectrum Computing]

Demoted to NOT working software list item
Cosmic Commerce (English, alt) [ArcadeShadow]

-skeleton/swunktarot.cpp: initial detection of stuff [angelosa]

-sega/segac2.cpp: Addition of Print Club V3; some minor changes for the other Print Club boards; many notes added to the C2 driver
 near the top (#12402) [Hatsune Mike]

New NOT WORKING machines
Print Club (Japan Vol.3) [Hatsune Mike]

-skeleton/swunktarot.cpp: identify palette format [angelosa]

-skeleton/swunktarot.cpp: irq notes [angelosa]

-swunktarot.cpp: Add Z80 DMA device and interrupt daisy chain [AJR]

-sinclair/chloe.cpp: Chloe 280SE (Timex TS2068 successor)- New WORKING (#12337) [holub]

-leland: fix rom samples playback [cracyc]

New clones marked not working
unknown Yuvo Joy Stand game (set 1) [Hammy]

New working clones
Pleiads (GMP Games) [IZ8DWF]

-casio/pickytlk.cpp: Add tablet support (#12226) [qufb]

-swunktarot.cpp: Delete spurious sub CPU; update comments based on PCB photo [AJR]

-hiscore.dat: Add support for Donkey Kong Jr (New Wide Screen) (#12377) [udance4ever]

-Add a skeleton driver for Sony Librie e-books (#12371) [ClawGrip]

New systems marked not working
Librie EBR 1000 [Team Europe, ClawGrip]

-imagedev/floppy.cpp: fix out-of-bounds access to the seek sample (#12452) [Roman Donchenko]
 * Currently, when `floppy_sound_device::step` selects a new seek sample, the value of `m_seek_samplepos` remains the same as it was
    the last time a seek sample was played. This might be an invalid position for the new sample, since the seek samples have
    different lengths. When this is the case, the next call to `floppy_sound_device::sound_stream_update` makes an out-of-bounds
    memory access as it reads the sample data.
 * Fix this by resetting `m_seek_samplepos` to 0 when a new seek sample is selected.
 * This also makes the seek sounds more consistent, since previously they would start from a semi-random position each time.

-input_sdl.cpp: Add missing #include <cmath> for std::lround(). [Thomas Klausner]

-yunsung/paradise.cpp: fix madball title metadata [angelosa]

-skeleton/swunktarot.cpp: add video view select [angelosa]

-skeleton/swunktarot.cpp: rename to sunwise/anoworld.cpp misc/jankenmn.cpp: move to sunwise folder [angelosa]

New systems marked not working
Super Luster II [Sergio Galiano]

-msxr_cart.xml: Added software list for MSX Turbo-R cartridges with four items (all not working). (#12455) [wilbertpol]

New software list items marked not working (msxr_cart.xml)
Losaben Akel (demo) [file-hunter]
MSX View (Japan, v1.21) [file-hunter]
MSX View (Japan, v1.00) [file-hunter]
Zone Terra (demo) [file-hunter]

-hash/msx2p_flop.xml: Updated title and usage notes for Tetris II Special Edition. (#12454) [wilbertpol]
 * Marked as 1999 re-release, and added required RAM to usage notes.

-msx2_flop.xml: Added two working items. (#12453) [wilbertpol]

New working software list items (msx2_flop.xml)
SG1000 (v0.96) [GDX]
SofaSMS [Louthrax]

-gaelco/mastboy.cpp: Cleanups (#12457) [cam900]
 * Use tilemap and palette format helper.
 * Reduced unused variables and literal tags.

-emu/emupal.cpp: Added helper for GGGGRRRRBBBBxxxx format. [cam900]

-gamegear.xml, megadriv.xml, tutor.xml: Replaced abbreviated country names in descriptions. (#12459) [ArcadeShadow]
 * Replaced countries' abbreviations

-gaelco/gaelco2.cpp: Added developers/licencees to manufacturers and cleaned up code. (#12451) [cam900]
 * Moved snowboar/maniacsqs protection simulation to a derived class.
 * Reduced use of literal tags and duplicated code.
 * Improved ROM region names.
 * Changed single-line comments to C++ line comments.

-sunwise/anoworld.cpp: add basic inputs and video, enough for Test Mode [angelosa]

-sunwise/anoworld.cpp: Fix clang error: lambda capture 'this' is not used [-Werror,-Wunused-lambda-capture]

-tg100: There is no internal rom (empty mask variant of the h8/520, wired for mode 3 which is rom disabled) [Olivier Galibert]

-hiscore.dat: Add delay to ballbomb/lupin3 entry to fix saved hiscore loading (#12462) [Mike Sheehan]

-kaneko/djboy.cpp: Use palette format helper to handle palette writes. (#12447) [cam900]

-kaneko/hvyunit.cpp: Reduced literal tag usage and improved graphics ROM region names. (#12448) [cam900]

New working clones
Ms. Pac-Man (Elmac bootleg, earlier) [IZ8DWF]
Ms. Pac-Man (Elmac bootleg, later) [Tirino73]
Pac-Man (Model Racing bootleg) [IZ8DWF]

-misc/ettrivia.cpp: switched to configured banking, enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista]

-luaengine: fix what looks like a copypaste error with screen_type_enum [hap]

-subsino2/lastfght: dumped internal h8 rom [Sean Riddle]

-apple/adbmodem.cpp: Fixed clock to the SCC 3.68 MHz from the schematics, brings ADB timings exactly to spec. [R. Belmont]
 * apple/macii.cpp, apple/maciici.cpp: With the adjusted timings, adbmodem now works with the Mac II/IIx/IIcx/IIci, and SE/30. This
    corrects the jerky mouse movements caused by macadb HLE mode (GitHub issue #12189). [R. Belmont]
 * apple/maciifx.cpp: Corrected ADB hookup, PIC now transmits valid ADB but doesn't appear to receive it. [R. Belmont]

-savant: remove mid-opcode Z80 WAIT workaround, but now MAME hardlocks [hap]

-devcpu: fix possible time travel issue in defer_access, z80: remove inaccessible wait check in check_icount (m_wait_state is never
 1 here) [hap]

-apple/apple2e.cpp: Fix IOUDIS status read on apple2c.  Fixes self-test fail on apple2c0 (Github issue #12468).
 [R. Belmont, univta0001]

-apple/maciifx.cpp: Fix the 60.15 Hz timer so the boot process advances. [R. Belmont]

-namco/ygv608.cpp: bulk replace ygv608_draw_mosaic fn -> draw_mosaic [angelosa]

-pacman/pacman.cpp: redumped PROMs for mspacmane and pacmanmr [IZ8DWF]

-rare/btoads.cpp: consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]

New working systems
Kasparov Turbo Advanced Trainer (1997 version) [hap, Berger]

-cpu/z80/z80.cpp: Refactor redoable case (#12472) [holub]

-New WORKING - sinclair/specnext.cpp: ZX Spectrum Next (known as tbblue) (#11918) [holub]

New Working Machines
ZX Spectrum Next: TBBlue [holub]

-cpu/z80/z80.cpp: Fix compile error (#12474) [holub]

-cpu/z80/z80.cpp: Move busrq check to service step (#12475) [holub]

-z80: add busack output pin [hap]

-leland_a: mid-execution trickery with set_state_int doesn't work properly anymore on z80 after recent rewrite, so do sync
 workaround differently [hap]

-cpu/z80/z80.cpp: Fix misleading-indentation (#12477) [holub]

-sinclair/specnext.cpp: fix gcc11 warning (#12478) [holub]

-subsino2: update notes [hap]

-tecmo/bombjack.cpp: Refactor, merge with sega/calorie.cpp (#12476) [2k2]
 * tecmo/bombjack.cpp: Cleanups, fixes, merge with sega/calorie.cpp
   - Fix large sprites in Bomb Jack by implementing the sprite size latches
   - Simplify and fix gfxdecode macros for Bomb Jack
   - Fix background tilemap loading in Bomb Jack to properly use D0-D3
   - Fix memory maps to match the schematics
   - Add watchdog reset and enable (not used in Calorie Kun)
   - Proper screen params for Bomb Jack and Calorie Kun
   - Proper audio timings for Calorie Kun
   - Add notes on audio filter and PCB references
   - Cleaned up other notes
   - Fixed spacing
   - Renamed bombjack2 to "Bomb Jack (earlier)"
   - Renamed "licence" to "license" in bombjackt

-nec/pc9801.cpp: document possible target [angelosa]

-sunwise/anoworld.cpp: enable audio CPU [angelosa]

-igs/igs_fear.cpp: fn naming reduction [angelosa]

-tecmo/gaiden.cpp: Updates & Cleanups (#12471) [cam900]
 * Split driver class for wildfang and raiga via protection methods
 * Split driver class for mastninj via MSM5205 controls
 * Fix raiga post-load behavior
 * Use C++ style single line comments
 * Reduce literal tag usage
 * Reduce duplications
 * Fix function namings
 * Make some variables constant
 * Fix, Correct type for variables
 * Reduce unused functions
 * Fix code style consistency

-new NOT WORKING machines (IGS SuperKids - with IGS027A dump) (#12480) [mamehaze]

New NOT WORKING machines
Super Kids (V019CN) [XingXing]

-igs/igs_fear.cpp: Cleanups [mamehaze]
 * fix notes based on PCB images provided
 * standardize types in XingXing's code

turn off logerror
Co-authored-by: DavidHaywood <hazemamewip@hotmail.com> [mamehaze]

-namco/shootaway2.cpp: demoted to MACHINE_IS_SKELETON [Ivan Vangelista]

-misc/chance32.cpp: cleanups and QA [angelosa]

-alba/albazg.cpp: cleanups [angelosa]

-cpu/m6805: Added new devices for 68HC05E1 and 68HC05E4. [R. Belmont]
 * apple/cuda.cpp: Refactored using 68HC05E1 and 68HC05E4 devices as a base. [R. Belmont]
 * apple/egret.cpp: Refactored using 68HC05E1 device as a base. [R. Belmont]
 * apple/macquadra630.cpp: Switched to the correct Cuda 2.40, which no longer crashes during boot with the refactored devices.
    [R. Belmont]

-recfranco/rf51w14cg.cpp: Add new slot games on similar hardware (#12470) [ClawGrip]
 * recfranco/rf51w14cg.cpp: Add new slot games on similar hardware

New systems marked not working
Santa Fe Mine (set 1) [Sergio y Vicente de electronicaVyS, Recreativas.org]

New clones marked not working
Santa Fe Mine (set 2) [Sergio y Vicente de electronicaVyS, Recreativas.org]

-mame.lst: Add 'rfsantafem' and 'rfsantafema' [ClawGrip]

-sgi_mips: new software list additions (#12179) [Davide Cavalca]

New working software list items
sgi_mips: [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 4.0 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 4.0.1 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.0 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.0.1 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.0.2 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.1 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.1.1 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.1.2 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.1.3 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.1.4 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.1.5 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.2 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.2.1 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.2.2 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 5.2.3 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 6.0 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 6.0.1 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 6.0.2 [Davide Cavalca]
NetBSD 6.0.3 [Davide Cavalca]

-Add a skeleton driver for Mad Money 2, a slot game from Picmatic (#12369) [ClawGrip]

New systems marked not working
Mad Money 2 [Joan RF, jordigahan]

-coco: add Zonx (The Rainbow) support (software list and hiscore) (#12378) [udance4ever]

New working software list items
coco_flop: [udance4ever]
Zonx (The Rainbow) [udance4ever]

-coleco_homebrew.xml: Added 8 working items (#12388) [ArcadeShadow]

New working software list additions
AntiAir [Inufuto]
Ascend [Inufuto]
Battlot [Inufuto]
Cacorm [Inufuto]
Cracky [Inufuto]
Guntus [Inufuto]
Hopman [Inufuto]
Yewdow [Inufuto]

-m6805/m68hc05e1: Fix typo that broke validation on Clang builds. [R. Belmont]

-ti99: Fix crash when cartridge in EVPC configuration is inserted. [Michael Zapf]

-Add a skeleton for VTech Kidi SuperStar LightShow (#12393) [ClawGrip]

New systems marked not working
Kidi SuperStar LightShow [Arcade Hacker, ClawGrip]

-act/apricotf.cpp: cleanups [angelosa]

New working clones
Little Casino (set 2) [Siftware]
Little Casino II (v18.1, set 2) [Siftware]

New clones marked not working
Secret Service (4.0, Europe) [inkochnito, PinMAME]

-irem/m52.cpp: consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]

-mame/apple: Added preliminary Apple DFAC audio filter/volume implementation. [R. Belmont]
 * Initial DFAC with volume control and master on/off
 * Hooked up to LC, LC II, LC III, IIvx, IIvi, Quadra 700, Quadra 800

-st9: Fix disassembly of memory-indirect forms of LD (OPR = B5) [AJR]

-ibm5150.xml: Added 3 working items (#12394) [ArcadeShadow]

New working software list additions
Gunship (3.5", Futura Games) [Total DOS Collection]
Stunt Car Racer (Big Games) [Total DOS Collection]
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Big Games) [Total DOS Collection]

-aristocrat/caswin.cpp: cleanups [angelosa]

-aristocrat/caswin.cpp: preliminary 8-liner rowscroll/window effect [angelosa]

New working clones
Elite Avant Garde (prototype on Elite A/S board) [hap]

-aristocrat/caswin.cpp: fix Z80 clock, denote being derived from misc/summit.cpp [angelosa]

-irem/m10.cpp, irem/m57.cpp, irem/m58.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]

New working clones
Match It [f205v, Smitdogg, Sean Sutton, Brian Troha, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
Shisensho - Joshiryo-Hen (Japan, set 1) [twistedsymphony, The Dumping Union]

-irem/shisen.cpp updates: [Ivan Vangelista]
 * Added a PCB layout for IREM's Match It M80 based games [Brian Troha]
 * Dumped missing ROMs and PLDs for Match It and Shisensho sets [f205v]
 * Renamed the driver to m80.cpp

-igs/igs_fear.cpp: replace XA dump in superkds, old one was bad [XingXing] (#12486) [mamehaze]
 * Working on the disassembler highlighted some opcodes that didn't decode correctly in the 80c51XA dump in superkds, turns out it
    was just bad, one of the pins was floating so XingXing redumped it.

-unidasm: Add disassembler for Oki nX-8/500S architecture [AJR]

-sony/news_r3k.cpp, sony/news_r4k.cpp, sony/news_68k.cpp, sony/news_38xx.cpp: Add software list for Sony NEWS systems (#12473)
 [Brice Onken]

-nx8dasm: Correct instruction mnemonic [AJR]

-machine/mv_sonora.cpp: Sonora/Ardbeg use an external pixel clock (PDM does not).  Also fixed monochrome mode. [R. Belmont]
 * apple/omega.cpp: Add "Omega" programmable PLL chip to generate the pixel clock for LC III/LC 520/LC 550. [R. Belmont]

-apple/omega.cpp: Fixed incorrect documentation from prior to final reverse-engineering. [no ci] [R. Belmont]

-misc/ltcasino.cpp: reordered ltcasin2 sets [Brian Troha]

-misc/vampire.cpp: corrected some PCB locations, added edge connector pinout [Brian Troha]

-Create stub MSM66573 device so Challenge Gear driver can have a CPU type [AJR]

-Benesse work / Challenge Gear (#12487) [mamehaze]

Challenge Gear [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3]

New NOT WORKING Software List Entries
challenge_gear_cart.xml: [mamehaze]
Challenge 6 Years [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3]

-moved pockchal.cpp and the new driver to a benesse folder, as benesse had many more products [mamehaze]

-created a separate machine for the Pocket Challenge v2, the BIOS isn't dumped, but carts aren't physically compatible with a
 Wonderswan even if the software is.  Makes more sense to have a driver with the borrowed Wonderswan BIOS marked as BAD_DUMP than
 hiding everything behind the Wonderswan itself. [mamehaze]

-chalgear: Hook up the skeleton CPU device [AJR]

-msm665xx: Fix debug state register names [AJR]

-machine/am9513.cpp: fixed wrong log message for cascading TCs (#12489) [Adam Billyard]

-machine/m6m80011ap.cpp: convert printfs to logmacro [angelosa]

-atari/badlandsbl.cpp: cleanups [angelosa]

-atari/cmmb.cpp: cleanups [angelosa]

-namco/namcond1.cpp: ncv2: use the 25.326 MHz oscillator for sound instead of 49.152/2. (Github issue #12482)
 [R. Belmont, jackson2k2]
 * PCB reference shows ncv1 matches current MAME with the 49.152/2 clock, while ncv2 matches MAME with this change.

-nx8dasm: Fix special PUSH/POP operand mnemonics [AJR]

-bus/msx/cart/ram.cpp: Add support for Tecnobytes Double RAM. (#12481) [wilbertpol]

-konami/ksys573: Initialize m_pccard_cd (#12490) [987123879113]

-namco/namcond1.cpp: Reverted 255287c [Phil Bennett]

New working clones
Kasparov Turbo Advanced Trainer (H8/323 version) [Berger]

-bmc/popobear.cpp: cleanups, identify timer chip (better title screen auto animation), add coin counter, add diplocations [angelosa]

-recfranco/rf51w14cg.cpp: Mark the Santa Fe Mine reels PIC as NO_DUMP (#12493) [ClawGrip]

-atari/asteroid.cpp: Add a Spanish Asteroids bootleg from Pasatiempos Laguna (#12466) [ClawGrip]

New working clones
Aerolitos Espaciales [Heckler, jordigahan]

-new WORKING software list additions (#12488) [mamehaze]

new WORKING software list additions
gameking3.xml: [mamehaze]
2030 [TeamEurope, SSJ, Youkal3]

-irem/m107.cpp: consolidated driver into single file [Ivan Vangelista]

-misc/ltcasino.cpp: added PCB layout for ltcasin2 [Brian Troha]

-Add a skeleton driver for ICE's Cut The Rope (PC-based) (#12400) [ClawGrip]

New systems marked not working
Cut The Rope [Museo del Recreativo]

-util/corefile.cpp: Fixed core_file failing to propagate write errors. [Vas Crabb]

-util/ioprocs.cpp: Reverted gross hack. [Vas Crabb]

-osd/windows: Ensure WM_MOUSE* to WM_POINTER* event translation is always disabled. [Vas Crabb]

-tecmo/gaiden.cpp: Call base device_post_load(), use logmacro.h. [Vas Crabb]

New working clones
Jigoku Meguri (Japan) [Brian Troha]

-various Taito drivers: updated game titles to include the revision, where known [Brian Troha]

new NOT WORKING machines (#12497)
Virtual Baseball (VTG) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]

-chalgear: Correct cartridge name and release year; add list of undumped carts (#12496) [mamehaze]

New working systems
Zircon II [hap, Berger, Sean Riddle]

-unico/goori.cpp: Use generic gfx decode layout, Cleanups (#12499) [cam900]
 * Fix ROM region naming
 * Correct type for variables
 * Make variables constant
 * Reduce literal tag usages
 * Fix spacing

-z80: decide to remove embedded changelog from comments (refer to github history) [hap]

-unico/goori.cpp: implement display enable, chore EEPROM handling to portw [angelosa]

-machine/atastorage.cpp: Log disk geometry at verbose level (rather than debug) so it can be shown in release builds. [Vas Crabb]
 * Also use logmacro.h for compile-time configurable logging.

-util/ioprocs.cpp: Added assertion to write_at equivalent to the one in write. [Vas Crabb]
 * Checks for invalid results from underlying write call.
 * Also more const.

-mentor16,zircon2: small update to internal artwork [hap]

-tatrain: template instead of macro for cpu config [hap]

-fidelity elite: let's rename the recently added feagp to feasx, for clarity the addition is: [hap]
 * Elite A/S Challenger (experimental) [Berger]

-srcclean and manual cleanup. [Vas Crabb]

-cpu/m6805/m68hc05e1.cpp: Added missing header with inline function definitions to fix link errors. [Vas Crabb]

-scripts/minimaws: Fixed deprecation warning in Python 3.11 (cgi module deprecated). [Vas Crabb]

-apple/egret.cpp: Don't try to pre-init the NVRAM if no save exists, this makes the IIsi unhappy. [R. Belmont]

-Various fixes: [Vas Crabb]
 * challenge_gear_cart.xml: Use title from cartridge label, also shown on boot screen.
 * sgi_mips.xml: Marked NetBSD install media as unsupported as it can't be installed (doesn't recognise hard disk).
 * spectrum_cass.xml: Consistent description format for Bruxólico demos.
 * cpu/dsp56156, cpu/z80: Fixed prefix header inclusion (or lack thereof).
 * bandai/wswan.cpp: Marked Pocket Challenge V2 software list as original.
 * tomy/tomy_princ.cpp: Blank line between ROM definitions.

PPSSPP version 1.17.3

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  • Logos
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  • Logos
    Le logo de la bibliothèque SDL

PPSSPP est un émulateur PSP open-source.

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  • 1.17.3

    Jun 26, 2024

    * Bluetooth gamepad improvements - Select button now responds properly and the Guide button can be mapped

    * Fix for math rounding issue that made bosses in Peace Walker unbeatable, among other glitches

    * "Double-swipe" protection against accidental app switching

    * Swipe-from-left gesture now disabled in-game, as it reduced touch screen performance

    * Fix hang when taking screenshots

    * Remote Disc Streaming (in your local network) now works

  • 1.17.2

    Jun 4, 2024

    * Metal-based rendering through MoltenVK

    * Swipe from left edge to go back

    * Much improved UI text rendering

    * Many bug and crash fixes

    * Support for RetroAchievements

ares version 139

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Parti de Bsnes et Higan développé par feu Near (se dénommant précédement Byuu), Ares est un émulateur multi-machines repris par Luke Usher et d'autres permettant d'émuler un certains nombres de mac

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques

ares v139 released
2024-06-19 17:00:00

ares v139 has now been released.

Since v138, a total of 13 contributors have created 67 commits to the ares codebase.

If you wish to see the full changelog in a per-commit format along with their authors, similarly to how previous release notes were written, you can do so on GitHub here.

Bandai - WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color

  • Improve EEPROM emulation accuracy

Nintendo - NES / Famicom

  • Fix DMA interrupt
  • Various PPU improvements: most (all?) current PPU accuracy test roms now pass!
  • Improve emulation of MMC3: fixes test roms and crashes in Mickey's Safari & Incredible Crash Dummies
  • Fix missing scanlines in Burai Fighter (USA) (last known rendering bug!)
  • Fix MC-ACC IRQ timing
  • Add support for mapper 150 (UNL-SACHEN-74LS374N)
  • Add support for mapper 229 (UNL-BMC-31-IN-1)
  • Add support for mapper 225/255 (UNL-BMC-128)
  • Add support for mapper 172 (TXC-22211B)
  • Add support for mapper 132/173 (TXC-22211A/C)
  • Add support un-headered roms with the .unh extension (note: uses internal database; unknown roms will not work, headered roms are still preferred)

Nintendo 64 / Nintendo 64 DD

  • Disable run-ahead for 64DD; fixes an issue that caused 64DD games to fail to boot.

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance

  • Improve VRAM mirroring in bitmap background modes
  • Implement 1-cycle timer latch behavior
  • Improve BIOS open bus edge case emulation
  • Increase synchronisaton between comonents: slight performance loss for measurable accuracy gain in irq dma tests
  • Improve video capture DMA such that it only runs if enabled on scanline 162 of previous frame

Sega - Mega Drive / Genesis / CD / 32X

  • Implement correct SH2 clocks for PAL/NTSC 32X
  • Improve 32X PWM volume/mixing by taking configured cycle rate into account

User Interface

  • Improve driver settings and full-screen behavior on macOS
  • Fix an issue where IPS patches that extend the rom would fail to apply
  • Fix an issue where changing the video driver may not correctly apply settings
  • Support "Default" as a device with the WASAPI driver on Windows (Win10 only)
  • FIx an issue where some settings would not persist on non-english locales

ZEsarUX version 11.0

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Avec son acronyme signifiant "ZX Second-Emulator And Released for UniX", cet émulateur vise à supporter les machines Sinclair ZX ainsi que d'autres : 

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


This version is dedicated to my brother David. Rest in peace.

  • New things added:

Added loading audio from external audio source, like a tape player. This also includes:

  • External Audio Source Window: you may see the audio wave, the signal type, and an azimuth assistant which tells you when you have to use the screwdriver ;)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (Audio Spectrum I mean): you may see full frequency range of the audio wave

Added ZENG Online feature, which allows you to play to any emulated game on a multiplayer way using a central server
Added ZENG support on all emulated machines
Added ZENG support on curses driver
Added save screen to .txt file
Added save screen to .stl file, useful to print on 3D Printer
Added support for ZX81 .P81 files
Added save support for ZX80 & ZX81 .Z81 snapshots
Added function to shift bits on Hex Editor
Added new compiled version: Haiku OS
Added TempleOS GUI Style
Added QNX GUI Style
Added setting to force CHR$ 128 mode on ZX81
Added search function to locate menu entries
Added .zmenu type files to generate launcher menus
Added more vintage Spectrum programs/games from me
Added Debug Sensors SPK & MIC Bit from port FEH
Added some tape copiers to Storage-> Tape menu
Added setting for fast welcome message
Added PCW Video mode 1 palette selector

  • Improvements:

Allow to load Next .nex/.snx/.sna snapshots with additional files without having to copy them on the mmc file (it mounts automatically the esxdos handler)
Allow to limit max cpu turbo on Next
Allow to pause playing on AY Player
Improved Keyboard Help: now you can press keys by clicking mouse
Allow to not save configuration when exiting ZEsarUX
Allow to select normal ZEsarUX logo or X Anniversary logo
Allow to send ZENG snapshots more frequently (even every 20 ms)
Allow autorewind setting for real tape too
Allow to disable Spectrum colours on real video mode too
Allow to press hotkeys at On Screen Keyboard
Remember last path used on output tape
Allow to load 48kB MSX cartridges
Allow to load MSX cartridges with memory mapper Ascii 8kb, Ascii 16kb, Konami without SCC, Konami with SCC, R-Type
Allow to set +2e/+3e rom from Custom rom menu item
Easier compilation on Haiku OS
Added setting to avoid Christmas Mode
Improve Hexadecimal editor on ZX80 and ZX81: show inverse characters

Improved ZRCP:

  • Added menu function to sync local snapshot to remote using ZRCP
  • Added ZRCP commands: open-menu, print-error, get-text-overlay, cpu-history get extended
  • Allow to use cpu-step-mode from ZRCP on drivers stdout and simpletext
  • Support MMU restore state on ZRCP command "cpu-history restore" for Spectrum 128k/+2/+2a/+3

Improved QL emulation:

  • Allow autoload when inserting QL mdv/flp
  • Show 2 microdrive and 1 floppy icon on QL, instead of just one icon
  • Allow to enable/disable every drive

Improved file selector:

  • Scrolling the current directory field if it does not fit on the window
  • Can change extension filter
  • When saving files, cursor is located at the file field, and a file name is suggested
  • File selection zone has a different color
  • Go up one directory when pressing left cursor key

Improved ZX Vision:

  • Changed left click mouse behaviour: when pressing left mouse button out of a window, it will close all menus.
    If you need to keep menu open and set focus on emulated machine, just left click and also press shift key.
  • Improve window title background when not all buttons are visible
  • Improve clicking and drawing an always visible window
  • Menus can no longer be minimized or resized (that had no sense)
  • Process switcher: unminimize windows when selecting them and they were minimized
  • Process switcher: now it can be set to be always visible
  • Process switcher: icon names are more descriptive
  • Menu titles are translated to selected language (not everything yet, please be patient)
  • Improve perspective for 3D Particles widget on View Sensors

Improved ZX Desktop:

  • Allow to set parameters when redefining upper buttons, for some actions like openwindow or set machine
  • Allow to reconfigure upper buttons by right clicking over them
  • When defining upper buttons or f-functions to SetMachine, machine name parameter is set to current machine
  • When creating new icon, upper buttons or f-functions of type OpenWindow, a window list is displayed to select
  • Can now show keyboard help from right click on machine icon
  • Fixes:

Fixed ZX Vision:

  • Fixed bug when printing on footer and column was out of bounds (exactly at column 32)
  • Fixed splash texts when row > 23
  • Fixed pressing keys '.' and ',' on menu when machine is ZX80 or ZX81
  • Fixed glitch on ZX Vision BeOS style, when pressing F5, window buttons didn't disappear or reappear
  • Fixed windows refresh after pressing F8 On Screen Keyboard
  • Fixed splash messages when background windows are enabled
  • Fixed initial position for many windows

Fixed http redirections when downloading using the Speccy Online Browser
Fixed bit 6 of FEH port depending on Issue2/3
Fixed Sam Coupe FEH sound port when enabling Real Beeper
Fixed segfault when trying to insert an unexistent Real Tape file
Fixed segfault inserting a ZX81 Real Tape and opening Tape Viewer
Fixed invalid Data Bus value on Jupiter Ace (it's 20H instead of FFH)
Fixed blockage when drawing Text Adventure Map and corrupted GAC adventure
Fixed timings of opcodes CP (HL), CP (IX+d), CP (IY+d)
Fixed bug on ZRCP when handling simultaneous connections
Fixed betadisk sector rollover reading/writing (thanks Mak7ym). Fixed loading for example of: BR_DEA7H, HOMER, PARADISE
Fixed bug when saving Clip Windows info on Spectrum Next ZSF snapshots
Fixed bug loading .nex snapshots with different header letter case (for example Exploding Fist Next)
Fixed reading kempston mouse when menu is open
Fixed memory size rom zone on ZX80 and ZX81
Fixed esxdos handler was enabled when machine is not Spectrum
Fixed high cpu usage when repeated splash messages about video mode changes

RetroArch version 1.19.1

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Émulateur reprenant les moteurs des meilleurs émulateurs dans leur genre, cette application demandant un OSX 10.13 au minimum, il supporte désormais l'architecture Arm64 mais tous les coeurs n'ont

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Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques



  • AI: Revert AI translation to previous version (fix for translation not working with HW rendered cores)
  • APPLE: Try to use system preferred language
  • APPLE: Correctly register for filetypes uniquely
  • APPLE/MFI: improved Switch Online controller support through MFi
  • AUDIO: Bring back audio toggling on menu toggle
  • CHEEVOS: Build a default RetroAchievements memory map when no RetroAchievements game is loaded
  • CHEEVOS: Update to rcheevos 11.3
  • CHEEVOS: fix hardcore acting as if it’s enabled when it isn’t
  • CLANG: Fix clang error incompatible-pointer-types-discards-qualifiers
  • CLOUDSYNC/LINUX: Enable Cloud Sync by default on Linux builds with network (#16456)
  • CLOUDSYNC/WEBOS: Enable Cloud Sync by default on Linux builds with network (#16456)
  • CORE: Set compute fps stats logging to debug level
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Added M2000 to core selection dropdown
  • FFMPEG: Add compatibility with FFMPEG 7.0
  • GLSLANG: Remove unneeded ENABLE_HLSL code from glslang
  • GENERAL: Memory leak: Dynamic allocation from msg_hash_get_help_us_enum was not freed.
  • INPUT/KEYBOARD: Add support for multimedia keys – Extended RETROK_ values with 18 new items, commonly found on
    “multimedia” keyboards. Mapping added for SDL, X11, Wayland, dinput, winraw keymaps.
  • INPUT/MFI: Pressure sensitive left/right triggers
  • INPUT/MFI: Fix Start + L1/L2/R2 combinations
  • INPUT/MFI: Support strong and weak rumble
  • INTL: Fetch translations from Crowdin
  • INTL: Add Galician and Norwegian to list of languages
  • LAKKA: Display reboot/shutdown message also when not saving config on exit
  • LAKKA: Provide update URL and target name at buildtime
  • LIBRETRO: Add a debug message for the SET_ROTATION callback
  • macOS: Default Accessibility on if VoiceOver is on
  • iOS: default audio sync on again, also more mfi logging
  • iOS: Fix Import Content
  • iOS: Fix ios-arm64 nightly build crash
  • iOS: Import content from iCloud
  • iOS: Fix #16485 crash on startup
  • iOS: Display app icon in app icon picker in materialui
  • iOS/tvOS: Various QoL improvements
  • iOS/tvOS: Fix a couple more path name mangling bugs
  • iOS/tvOS: Better way of packaging Frameworks
  • iOS/tvOS: Fix keyboard handling for app store builds
  • iOS/tvOS: Fix escaping the sandbox for jailbroken devices
  • iOS/tvOS: default accessibility on if voice over is enabled
  • iOS/tvOS: better way of reporting available memory
  • macOS/iOS/tvOS: enable text-to-speech using AVSpeechSynthesizer.
  • tvOS: Fix scaling for 720p
  • MENU: New function in Quick Menu: Add to Playlist
  • MENU/XMB: New theme: FlatUX, designed to merge FlatUI and Retroactive themes into a single, unified design
  • NETWORKING/RETROPAD CORE: Fix socket close method
  • PIXMAN: Update pixman-private.h – patch to fix build issue with musl
  • PLAYLIST: Cleanup ‘Add to Playlist’ (#16495)
  • SCANNING: Fix for scanning PSP ISOs (and probably few others)
  • SAVES: Fix core config saving
  • SAVES: Fix save new config name when core loaded
  • SAVESTATES: Increase save state chunk size for all platforms – Even a class 6 or class 10 SD card can handle reads and writes on the order of MB/s, which means a 4KB chunk size is just wasting time in syscalls. This could maybe be fixed with a buffering reader but I don’t feel comfortable tweaking libretro-common’s VFS to handle that. Instead, I thought it would be good to both remove an ifdef and increase the chunk size to 128KB. For cores with small states this will should make state saving virtually instantaneous, and for cores with large states it should be a 32x speedup.
  • VIDEO: Fix crash when using threaded video – for Mesa 23.2 and later
  • VIDEO/GL: Fix reinitialization of the threaded gl drivers
  • VIDEO/VULKAN: Add support for A2R10G10B10 HDR format
  • VIDEO/VULKAN: Implement HDR readback – screenshot support
  • WAYLAND: Ignore configure events during splash (fix not remembering window size)
  • WAYLAND: Use frontend signal handler to quit (fix quit by window close)
  • WAYLAND: Commit viewport resizes (window resize is more responsive)
  • UWP: Align MESA to alpha-2-resfix – Remove wrong resolution special handling for OPENGL
  • UWP: 4K fix: align MESA reading of ClientRect to retroarch procedure, this fixes max resolution being set to 1080p. As reading must be done inside an UI thread and is in fact an async operation which might delay frame generation, the reading itself is doen once and cached, give that changing resolution while the app is running is an unlikely corner-case use
  • WINDOWS: Windows mouse ungrab must release the mouse instead of confine it to the current desktop (#16488)
  • WINDOWS: Fix numlock/pause key release events


  • AI: Fix narrator language when AI translation and menu languages are different
  • DISK CONTROL: Add option to disable initial disk change
  • DISK CONTROL: Visibility option for disk control notifications
  • DRM: Fix mode vrefresh calculation. When using an interlaced/doublescan mode, the vertical refresh rate is mis-calculated.
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Fix mouse Y parameter translation in rwebinput
  • INPUT: Fix input state combos including R3 and false triggers of RETROK_UNKNOWN
  • INPUT: Add a new turbo mode, “Classic (Toggle)”
  • INPUT: Fix bind hold when axis does not rest at 0
  • INPUT: Limit axis threshold setting to sensible values
  • INPUT: Add Overlay Mouse, Lightgun, and Pointer
  • INPUT/ANDROID: Fix mouse grab behavior on Android
  • INPUT/LINUXRAW: Fix device name and hotplug reconnect
  • IOS: Minor iOS JIT availability information
  • IOS/TVOS: Pause application on applicationWillResignActive
  • LIBRETRO: Add Doxygen-styled comments to parts of the libretro API
  • LUA: Update Lua to version 5.3.6
  • MENU: Add sublabels for input bind common entries
  • MENU: Don’t load history and favorites if size is 0
  • MENU: Don’t disable fast forward when entering menu
  • MENU: Widget position, size, color, icon adjustments
  • MENU: Fix savestate slots in Qt UI
  • MENU: Reorder and reduce depth of User Interface menu
  • MENU/OZONE: Fix sidebar wraparound, visibility after config load, crash after playlist delete
  • MENU/OZONE: Fix sidebar and sublabel animations
  • OSX/MACOS: Fix crash on non-Metal build
  • OSX/MACOS: Add portable.txt as flag for portable install
  • REMOTE RETROPAD: add display for analog axes, indication of inputs already pressed
  • SAVES: Allow combining saves in content dir with save sorting
  • SHADER: Added rolling scan line simulation based on the shader subframe feature. This is implemented with a scrolling scissor rect rather than in the shader itself as this is more efficient although may not work for every shader pass – we may need an option to exclude certain passes. The implementation simply divides the screen up by the number of sub frames and then moves the scissor rect down over the screen over the number of sub frames
  • TVOS: Force asset re-extraction when cache is deleted
  • TVOS: Add history and favorites to Top Shelf
  • TVOS: Fix crash when history item does not have a label
  • UWP: Enable HAVE_ACCESSIBILITY for UWP builds
  • UWP: Allow UWP build to work with a modified version of Mesa Gallium D3D12
  • VIDEO: Add subframe shader support for Vulkan/GLcore/DX10-11-12, enabling shaders to run at higher framerate than the content
  • VIDEO: Fix restoring fullscreen/windowed setting when unloading override
  • VIDEO/VULKAN: Fix HDR with Vulkan after reinit
  • VIDEO/VULKAN: Remove the use of oldSwapchain
  • VIDEO/GL2: Fix OpenGL ES version detection
  • WEBDAV: Fixed SEGFAULT in WebDav task sync + type changes
  • WEBOS: Fix build, add core location on webosbrew.org
  • WIN32: Fix Alt+Enter not working when menubar is disabled

Clock Signal (CLK) version 2024-06-03

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Multi émulateur open source assez jeune demandant OSX 10.13 minimum et supportant les puces Apple Silicon (architecture Arm64). Les plateformes suivantes sont émulables : Acorn Electron, Amstrad CPC

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


2024-06-03 Latest

This release:

  • corrects a bug that — although not local to that machines — was most likely to miscolour the left border of the Vic-20 if it had changed close to horizontal retrace; and
  • adds the Archimedes' quick-load configuration option to the SDL command line, while also adding the Archimides itself to the Qt machine picker.

For those building for themselves and for the inevitable future, the code is also now completely valid C++20, having previously stumbled over a difference in the way std::memory_order is declared between C++17 and C++20.

Citra version rde1f082

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Émulateur de 3DS qui fait tourner quelques jeux commerciaux (qui devront préalablement être décryptés, ce qui est assez complexe).

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


Fix HTTP RequestState values (fixes Pretendo Network support with HLE… … http) (#143)

  • Fix http RequestState values
  • Fix formatting

Do not use the cache if the read would result in OOB (#130)

Fix PTM ext data creation after Artic Base changes. (#111)

Add Artic Base support (#105)

  • Add Artic Base support
  • Add Android support

Add svcs to get and set the emulation speed. (#57)

Reduce log levels for some FS functions and stub cache svcs (#51)

renderer_vulkan: Disable dynamic index conditionally (#20)

Lime3DS version 2114.1

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Fork de Citra.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


Lime3DS 2114.1

  • Android: Fixed landscape screen layouts not displaying correctly


  • This is a hotfix to address an issue which appeared in the Android version of 2114
    • Platforms other than Android need not update
    • Apologies for any inconvenience

Genymotion version 3.7.1

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Émulateur Android spécialisé pour le développement. Une version gratuite est disponible.

UTM version 4.5.4

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Utilisant QEmu, UTM permet de créer des machines virtuelles de façon simples grâce à son interface graphique.

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Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques



  • (macOS) UTM Remote server for macOS On macOS 13+, you can enable UTM Server from the new option on the home screen or from Window -> UTM Server. Once enabled, you can stream QEMU backend VMs to supported clients. The preferences page includes additional options including auto-starting the server and allowing external connections so it can be used outside of the local network. New documentation pages will be added in the future.
  • (macOS) UTM Remote client for iOS and visionOS When UTM Server is enabled on macOS, you can connect to it with the new UTM Remote client which uses the same frontend as UTM for iOS/visionOS but without any of the QEMU backend. You can get it for free on the App Store.
  • (iOS) UTM SE's wizard now allow you to create a VM easily with a floppy boot image.


  • (macOS) The automation URI scheme has been removed due to potential security issues if the user clicks a malicious link that sends an input to the VM. Most of the URI scheme functionality has moved to the scripting interface.

Changes (v4.5.3)

  • Localization: Updated Japanese (thanks @MMP0)
  • Localization: Updated Chinese (Simplified + Hong Kong) (thanks @changanmoon)
  • Localization: Updated Italian (thanks @garamb1)
  • (macOS) Tweaked new icon picker: clicking the icon opens the picker (#6316) and fixed some layout issues (#6317)
  • (macOS) Fixed an issue where mouse/keyboard was not getting released when an error message popped up and "Capture .. automatically ..." is enabled (#6352)
  • (macOS 14+) AVF: New option to mount drive on virtual NVMe interface when running a Linux guest with Apple Virtualization. This should address file system corruption issues. (thanks @gnattu)
  • (macOS 12+) AVF: Use full synchronization mode for all non-external drives. This should address file system corruption issues. (thanks @gnattu)

Changes (v4.5.2)

  • Improved icon selector UI (thanks @js-john)
  • Changed the position of destructive buttons in various confirmation alerts to better comply with Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Wizard: New options for "Other" operating system to allow for Floppy boot as well as legacy hardware (useful for setting up a DOS machine)
  • Wizard: Fixed an issue where the Windows Guest Tools will be downloaded even when a non-Windows VM is created
  • Localization: Updated Chinese (Simplified + Hong Kong) (thanks @changanmoon)
  • Localization: Updated Polish (thanks @mavethee)
  • Localization: Updated Japanese (thanks @MMP0)
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue where a machine with an empty removable drive cannot be booted
  • (iOS) New view for donation options
  • (visionOS) Fixed a crash when any VM is selected
  • (macOS) New setting: "Capture input automatically when window is focused" when enabled will automatically capture mouse/keyboard when a QEMU VM is started and when the VM window is clicked on (thanks @js-john)
  • (macOS) When "Capture input automatically when entering full screen" is enabled and the cursor moves to a different workspace (for example through a gesture), the cursor will be captured again upon re-entering the QEMU VM (#6242) (thanks @haroldm)
  • (macOS) Server: Fixed a crash due to bad format string
  • (macOS) Home: Support drag & drop onto a removable drive or shared directory (#3312) (thanks @hamtiko)
  • (macOS) Fixed an issue where cloning/moving an AVFW VM is extremely slower than Finder (#6262)
  • (macOS) Added a progress indicator for long duration tasks such as cloning/moving a VM or reclaiming free space (#4006)

Changes (v4.5.1)

  • Fixed an issue with file locking resulting in VMs refusing to boot (#5757, #5830)
  • Fixed incorrect VM size calculation (#6166)
  • Show confirmation popup for VM downloads (#6156)
  • Removed automation URI scheme due to potential security issues (#6155)
  • Fixed display of newly selected custom icon (#6137)
  • Wizard: allow completely deleting RAM and storage size (#5885)
  • Scripting: Fixed file and process commands not working due to incorrect object life cycle (#5963)
  • Localization: Updated Japanese (thanks @MMP0)
  • Localization: Updated Polish (thanks @mavethee)
  • Localization: Updated Chinese (Simplified + Traditional) (thanks @changanmoon)
  • (iOS) Fixed zooming with pinch (#6179)
  • (macOS) Fixed USB icon always disabled (#6222)
  • (macOS) Fixed a crash when removing a device while a text field is highlighted (#5901)
  • (macOS) Fixed error message when double-clicking on a headless VM which has already been started (#5972)
  • (macOS) AVF: New display option to disable dynamic resolution in macOS 14+ VMs (#5873)
  • (macOS) Remove "VM display size is fixed" global setting because it was confusing and does not do the right thing
  • (macOS) Fixed incorrect display scaling when host screen resolution is smaller than VM display size (#6214)

Changes (v4.5.0)

  • Updated ANGLE to latest Safari version
  • Fixed a crash due to screenshot being saved while the image was being destroyed (#4009)
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a retain cycle while observing changes in the VM state
  • Localization: Added Italian (thanks @garamb1)
  • Localization: Updated Japanese (thanks @MMP0)
  • Localization: Updated Polish (thanks @mavethee)
  • Localization: Updated Chinese (Simplified + Traditional) (thanks @changanmoon)
  • (macOS) Add UTM Server feature
  • (iOS) Fixed the icon name for UTM SE erroneously set to UTM in translation (#5968)
  • (iOS) Disable logging of keyboard keys when Debug Logs are enabled. They aren't helpful for any issue debugging and poses a privacy issue.
  • (iOS) Reworked automatic resolution changing when SPICE tools are installed
  • (iOS) Fix crash due to race when re-sizing while a view is being destroyed
  • (visionOS) Move toolbar to top of window and support hiding
  • (visionOS) Make VM windows less rounded
  • (visionOS) Integrate new keyboard view

DosBox Staging version 0.81.1

Mise à jour
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  • Logos
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  • Logos
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Fork de l'officiel émulateur

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques



The main focus of this maintenance release is to fix a couple of regressions introduced in 0.81.0, most of them related to game compatibility, and address a few long-standing issues.

This release was made possible by everyone who tried 0.81.0, submitted bugs and pull requests, and tested the updates. Thank you! 

Regression fixes

The release fixes the following 0.81.0 regressions:

  • Fix Wing Commander 3 videos and cutscenes appearing height-doubled.
  • Introduce vga_render_per_scanline = off workaround to fix the crash-at-startup regression in Deus, Ishar 3, Robinson’s Requiem, and Time Warriors.
  • Fix the Tandy version of Impossible Mission II crashing at startup.
  • Fix regression in Tyrian where pressing the arrow keys get registered twice in menus.
  • Fix starting In Extremis resulting in a black screen.
  • Fix wrong colours in Spell It Plus! (needs machine = svga_paradise).
  • Fix wrong colours and garbled graphics in Spong and Exobius.
  • Fix squashed video output in the text mode game Indenture.
  • Fix the DOSBox Staging window gaining focus on every emulated video mode change.
  • Fix crash when exiting DOSBox Staging while in fullscreen mode on macOS and Linux.
  • Fix not being able to disable OPL emulation with oplmode = none.

Enhancements and fixes

We’ve also backported a number of enhancements and fixes for long-standing issues:

  • Introduce vmem_delay = on to help with flickering graphics and speed issues in Hercules, CGA, EGA, and early VGA games. This has proven to improve compatibility with Future Wars, Operation Stealth, Quest for Glory II, Hostages, The Gold of the Aztecs, Crazy Brix, Corncob Deluxe, and Corncob 3-D so far.
  • Improve support for multiple joysticks/game controllers (the mapper could behave erratically if you had more than one controller connected).
  • Emulate a memory-expanded PCjr machine more faithfully. This improves game compatibility; for{ example, Space Quest (v1.0x and v2.2) and King’s Quest (1986 PCjr DOS version) now work instead of hanging the emulator.
  • CD Audio is no longer muted in certain parts of Time Warriors and Alpha Storm.
  • The batch file installer of Alpha Storm no longer fails.
  • Forcing single scanning via crt-auto-arcade should now work with more programs.
  • Fix various VGA double scanning related edge cases in demoscene productions.
  • Detecting “repurposed” EGA video modes with 18-bit VGA DAC colours has been made more robust when using the crt-auto shader (should result in a double-scanned VGA shader being picked).
  • Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations have been added, and most of the other translations have been updated.

VCMI version 1.5.0

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VCMI est une réimplementation du moteur de l'excellent jeu qu'est Heroes of Might & Magic 3.

Fiche ios
Présent sur Altstore

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


VCMI 1.5.0 released

A new major release has been published. VCMI 1.5.0 sees the light of day. The main focus this time was on the online lobby. But also many other features were integrated and many bugs were fixed.

Online multiplayer support

VCMI now has an online lobby that can be used to set up multiplayer sessions. But you can also interact with other players. The lobby works on all platforms and regardless of firewall restrictions. It can be opened at any time on desktop systems with CTRL + Tab and on mobile platforms with a three-finger touch.

Additionally it is now possible to check towns/heroes during opponent player turn and bypass hero movement latency for non-host players by picking maximum hero speed in game options.

Better random maps

A new biome system for random maps has been integrated. This makes created maps look much more natural.

Also there are many different optimizations like properly random-looking zone edges, treasure/obstacle density tweaks and underground generation content tweaks leading to better zones.

AI optimizations

Nullkiller AI got notable speedup improvements, better handling of heroes with "patrol" set in map editor and some other fixes.

Most remaining campaign issues fixed

Many different problems and bugs related to campaigns have been fixed.

Basic game controllers support added

It is now possible to play VCMI with a game controller. Both on PC-based platforms and on mobile platforms.

Easier installation of game files from gog.com

We have now integrated innoextract into the launcher. This makes it very easy to extract the offline installer from gog.com (.exe and .bin file) for vcmi.

This function is currently available on all platforms except android. With the integration of the launcher in the next few weeks, the function will also be available there.

Artifact improvements

It is now possible to group several artifacts into sets. This feature is based on the costumes of the HD mod. With CTRL + [1]...[9] an artifact set can be saved, which can then be called with [1]...[9].

There are now also new shortcuts. ALT + Click on artifact slot moves artifact from/to backpack. CTRL + Click on artifact slot moves artifact to 2nd hero we are trading with.

Configurable keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shourtcuts are now configurable. However, currently only via the configuration file config/shortcutsConfig.json.

New homepage

With version 1.5.0 we have also published our new homepage. Apart from the newer, more modern design, it also offers useful functions for players, modders and developers.

Documents such as instructions and technical documentation are now available directly on the website. You can also find informations and pictures of the individual mods in our mod repository.

And much more

In addition, many other features and fixes have been integrated, which were requested by the community. For example: tavern hero inviting (requires mod to enable), optional unlimited replay, option to disable cheats, immediate end of the battle, dimension door & summoning mechanics fixes. See the complete changelog

We are delighted that you are entering the world of Enroth via VCMI. The journey has been a long one, but we are far from finished and will continue to improve VCMI.

ET Legacy version 2.82.1

Mise à jour
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Jeu multijoueur à la première personne (FPS) basé sur le code de Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


2.82.0 - Better late than never (released 08/03/2024)



  • Allowed sending some extra chars in messages, such as %, ; or "
  • Switched splash image to a svg version
  • Fixed pointer issues with Q_TrimStr causing access overflow
  • Added custom entity loading (ETL only)
  • Added ettv protocol support to etlded and add custom tvgame for ettv, see ETLTV
  • Added possibility for etlded to act as a client (ettv)


  • Fix position of the Shoot Button dependant on the screen dimensions/dpi
  • Updated SDL to 2.26.4
  • Updated Java to 11
  • When minimized/unforcused App is now storing its state resulting in no more relauching.
  • Fixed USB Keyboard/Mouse Input not being recognized correctly
  • Resized Shoot Button Layout to increase better accessibility
  • Added support for x86 x86_64 Android Devices (only Legacy mod can be runned)

Raspberry PI

  • Rename naming scheme to match arch64 linux (for more advanced users aarch64 is better term in recognisation that apply for all arch64 distros/cpus)


  • Added omnibot support



  • Added DPI Awarness to detect System scaling and apply those to the Game Window



  • Added console history. The entries are saved in etl-history file and can stored up to 2048 characters
  • Fixed issues where the keycather changes to console, ui or cgame and some keys or +/- actions bleed thrue
  • Allowed console resizing while open. No need to close and open with a new size with key shortcut.
  • Reworked/Better Support for Gamepads
  • Prevented paste from clipboard using AltGr + V, which on some layouts causes problems when trying to type specifics characters suh as @
  • Added previously removed ui_finalURL
  • Fixed ui_finalURL line ending
  • Increased CMD_BACKUP to 128 via extension
  • Changed com_maxfps cvar up to 500


  • Added Trackbase statistic functionality
  • Reworked server demos
  • Enforced temporary ban on both GUID and IP
  • Added cleartempbans command to clear temporary ban list
  • Fixed Z_malloc allocation failure on download when netchan is already buffering too much block


  • Added automatic svg scaling
  • Fixed garbage font where cached image were sharing the same hash values on registration
  • Added back r_sdlDriver cvar for setting video driver (mainly useful on Linux OS)
  • Fixed VRAM usage grows after continuous vid_restarts



  • Fixed ref commands list not set on ref promote
  • Improved vote by requiring more than threshold vote ammount
  • Prevented pushing lagged out players
  • Cleared viewDamage buffer on demo rewind
  • Fixed negative total map vote on client disconnection
  • Fixed Last Played count for not eligible map in map vote draw
  • Changed the next map loaded to random instead of nextmap in MAP VOTE game type when no vote has been casted by players
  • Prevented dynamite to be trigger on sudden death for defenders
  • Added passvote and cancelvote commands
  • Added XP Battle Sense reward on differents objectives condition :
    • 3pts Taking objective item
    • 5pts Returning objective item
    • 8pts Capturing objective item
    • 2pts Capturing spawn flag (flag pole / checkpoint)
    • 3pts Killing objective carrier
    • 2pts Killing player on TOI (objective area)
  • Added cg_teamVoiceChatsOnly cvar for better chat filtering
  • Added qsay command to print message without prefix
  • Forced mapnames lowercase for map command
  • Fixed objective disappearing when a player carrying it is revived by using revive command
  • Fixed forcetapout command was possible while game in pause or player frozen
  • Fixed kill was possible when player was wounded while game in pause or player frozen
  • Removed cg_shoutcastDrawPlayers and cg_shoutcastDrawTeamNames shoutcaster cvars
  • Removed cg_drawReinforcementTime cvar
  • Fixed shoutcast keycatcher event handling when limbo menu / HUD editor is showed or resolution has been changed
  • Allowed ref and callvote commands in server console
  • Fixed intermission impkd stats showing only zeros for some players by splitting stats in two differents commands impkd0 and impkd1
  • Fixed Lua modules won't load if one has a syntax error during pre-compilation
  • Improved vsay commands, clients can choose which variant of the vsay they want to play. Everyone hears the chosen variant.
  • Fixed custom vsay was truncated after first word
  • Fixed velocity was reset when landing on nodamage surface
  • Added g_logTimestamp cvar to control and keep add backward compatible log timestamp formats for parsers
    • 0 - no timestamp
    • 1 - integer (ms)
    • 2 - startup relative time (mmm:ss)
    • 3 - vanilla ("hh:mm.ss")
  • Updated HUD file version to v3, using HUD name as indentifier instead of index. Old HUD index are compatible as they are converted
  • Protected Alternative HUD, Comp HUD and Shoutcaster against edition. They must be cloned first before modification
  • Fixed landmine limit to prevent overflow when changing team_maxLandmines cvar value
  • Removed rank text from "You have been revived..." center print text
  • Changed default secondary weapon selection to the best one
  • Fixed team command on swapping team was selecting default weapons in case of command flooding or first team join
  • Fixed log stats when player disconnects from limbo were not written to the log file
  • Fixed omni-bot mg42 goal names
  • Enabled spawning when changing entity classname with "set" scriptaction
  • Fixed dlights not updating if spawned after initial map load

Stability & Performance

  • Removed send EV_SHAKE event if out of range of the shake wave
  • Added client prediction optimization (instead of iterating over whole CMD_BACKUP array every frame oldest valid cmd will be saved during snapshot transition frame as future starting point)



  • Added cg_bloodPuff to toggle showing blood puff effect when players are shot
  • Fixed FT icon display on enemies when sprites are disabled
  • Added .svg version of simple items icons
  • Improved brass ejection position to ensure it doesn't obstruct view


  • Added missing shader for Fire in the hole icon
  • Fixed wrong computation of x coordinate for environment awareness when icons was behind the player
  • Added cg_drawEnvAwarenessScale cvar for moving icons position relative to screen center
  • Added cg_drawEnvAwarenessIconSize cvar to resize icons
  • Fixed scope mask draw over scoreboard
  • Added larges score abbreviation by thousands
  • Enhanced server browser selection by retaining last selected server during server list load
  • Added focus on connect to IP textBox when opened
  • Removed cg_numPopups cvar
  • Improved bot flag readability
  • Fixed chat button usage in shoutcaster mode
  • Added cg_commandMapTime to control +mapexpand animation speed
  • Fixed animation cut-off when expanding map as a spectator
  • Fixed team map data position for players with noclip on
  • Fixed spectator freecam was not speclocked correctly
  • Updated huds.hud file to json format
  • Fixed scoreboard tooltip show if alternative features are disabled
  • Added .svg version of crosshairs
  • Added cg_shoutcasterhud cvar to toggle hud to selected from it when becoming shoutcaster
  • Suppressed fireteam invites and proposals from ignored clients
  • Fixed speaker editor handle drag and panels resolution / position on widescreen
  • Fixed antiwarp lagometer
  • HUD changes :
    • Fixed crosshair name revealing disguised enemy covert ops
    • Fixed crosshair name in 3rd person
    • Fixed Popup Messages alpha and fade effect
    • Fixed objectives HUD icon scaling
    • Added Always draw style option for compass to keep compass draw while map extend is displayed
    • Changed default component visibility to 0 for fps/ping/speed/lagometer/localtime on default HUD 0 (ETmain)
    • Fixed no clip weapon dynamic color ammo count
    • Adjusted icons and spacing on fireteam overlay
    • Fixed unscaled spacing on fireteam overlay
    • Added cg_drawCrosshairFade cvar to control delay before fading crosshair information
    • Fixed crosshair name fade effect for dynamite and mines
    • Adjusted icons size on follow text
    • Added thin white border to the simple compass and smaller letters and lines
    • Fixed weapon icon alignment and alpha color
    • Fixed proposition/invitation vote text was not displayed
    • Fixed vote text color
    • Fixed warmup text color
    • Added background and border for bar comp
    • Changed Color Main and Color Secondary to modify bar color instead of background and border color
    • Changed Background Color and Color Border to modify both background/border of comp and bar
    • Enable Lerp Color for bar comp
    • Added Dynamic Color style for healthbar and crosshairbar comp
    • Changed maximum popup message to be displayed in popupmessage from 7 to 32, depending of componement free space.
    • Added multiline support to popupmessage component
    • Added Scroll Down style option to popupmessage component, starting popup to draw from top instead of bottom
    • Added popupmessage2and popupmessage3 comps which behave the same as popupmessage comp
    • Added Colorless Name, Status Color Row and Status Color Row style to fireteam comp to show player status as color in ft and allow forced white names
    • Added scPlayerListAxis, scPlayerListAllies, scTeamNamesAxis, scTeamNamesAllies shoutcaster componement
    • Added HUD 5 Shoutcaster HUD
    • Replace status comp with shoutcaster player status
    • Enhanced RoundTimer comp to work with shoutcaster
    • Enhanced weapon icons in popup messages point towards the victim when Swap V<->K is toggle
    • Added draw suffix style option to healthtext, breathtext, sprinttext, chargeweapontext and xptext
  • HUD Editor
    • Added a toggle for noise generator in HUD Editor (n key)
    • Removed temporisation on save button from HUD Editor
    • Added warning message about HUD 0 can't be modify from HUD Editor
    • Added a toogle for fullscreen display in HUD editor (f key)
    • Added option to show visible component layout only
    • Added blinking warning message on default HUDs as they can't be modified until cloned
    • Changes HUD selection by name instead of index
    • Added grid support for elements alignment (o, c and d keys)
    • Added grid alignment option to force element when moved / rezised to be aligned with the grid depending of the grid scale (a key)
  • Debriefing
    • Fixed LAST played map indicator index on map vote panel
    • Fixed "Participation" percent on on map vote panel
    • Enhanced map vote panel popularity score
    • Fixed map bias on map vote panel
    • Enhanced map bias by showing computed map bias for the team advantaged for the selected map on map vote panel
    • Added panels windows with quick access buttons to each panels availables
    • Added blinking effects for map vote button when the vote isn't casted
    • Fixed campaign map list wasn't draw when at least 1 maps was missing localy
  • UI Menu
    • Added back crosshair cvar in option menu
    • Added cg_dynamicIcons* cvars on Option View menu
    • Improved server browser filter description


  • Fixed binocular switching multiple time while moving
  • Added jiggle effect on mobile MG and tank MG
  • Added spread visual crosshair to nested MG and tank MG
  • Increased mines spotting update frequency from 1000 to 500 ms, back to default vanilla value
  • Fixed an issue where current weapon gets changed even if the removed weapon is not the one currently being held
  • Fixed exploit by ensuring weapalt will not be executed if binoc are used
  • Fixed extra ammo gain for soldier SMG due to add secondary weapon again if it's already added as a primary
  • Fixed flamethrower spawns too many flames with cg_drawGun 0 and 2
  • Fixed riflegrenade being equipped again if player shoots and dies right after
  • Fixed altweapon state not being properly restored when revived
  • Fixed riflegrenade grenade model disappearing if player dies and gets revived
  • Improved flying nade effect fix when getting revived
  • Improved weapon selection when player dies and upon revive has invalid weapon equipped
  • Improved altweapon initialization on respawn (silenced pistols)
  • Fixed pliers not working near TOI on some maps (such as fixed MG on Railgun / Radar or 1st barrier in Bremen)
  • Changed satchel charge fade on player dead instead of wounded
  • Changed mgs nested fire rate from 50ms to 66ms to match ETpro

Hatari version 2.5.0

Mise à jour
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  • Logos
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  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits
  • Logos
    Le logo de la bibliothèque SDL

Émulateur Open Source d'Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon pour macOS utilisant la librairie SDL. Les sources sont disponibles sur le site.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques

Version 2.5.0 (2024-04-18)
Removed features:
- The "--bpp" command line option and related code (i.e. the rendering
  functions for 16 bits-per-pixel host screens) have been removed
  since almost all recent hardware should support 32 bpp nowadays
Configuration changes:
- In hatari.cfg, section [RS232], rename:
  - sSccBOutFileName => SccBOutFileName
  - bEnableSccB => EnableSccB
Emulation improvements:
- MFP:
  - When IRQ is cleared on one of the 2 ACIAs, do not clear IRQ on
    the MFP side if the IRQ is still set on the other ACIA
- Blitter:
  - Ignore byte accesses to blitter registers defined as word only
  - Update sound FIFO on each HBL (like on STE)
- CPU:
  - Sync CPU core with WinUAE CPU core 5.2 beta
  - Improved 68000 cycle accuracy (IPL, STOP, TRACE)
  - Fix IACK timings
  - Return vector=24 if a spurious interrupt happens during the IACK sequence
  - 68010 DIV overflow undefined flags update
  - NMI handling
  - MMU/generic CPU mode autovectored interrupt support
  - Fix 68060 MMU MOVEM.L (An)+,<regs> if regs contain An
  - 68040/060 MMU fault handler bug fix for MOVEM
  - Fix FSINCOS and FMOVE.L/FMOVEM.L register in disasm
  - Some softfloat fixes
  - Fix stacked PC for branch/jump instructions doing a bus error
- DSP:
  - Fix: effective address with modifier=modulo
  - Add host interface initialisation
  - Add host received data interrupt
  - Improve bootstrap support
- Video:
  - Add support for 4 pixel hardscroll on STF by stopping shifter with
    $FF8260=3 (new technique by Troed/Sync)
  - In monochrome mode correctly mask the video address to 22 or 24 bit
    space depending on the machine type. Prevent crash in some cases when
    Hatari is compiled with "small mem" option
  - Fix VBLANK location, should be line 308 on 50 Hz (was 307 before)
- SCC 85C30 (for MegaSTE, TT and Falcon)
  - Major rewrite of most of the code, should support all modes used by TOS
    and EmuTOS or when accessing SCC's registers directly
  - Support all serial ports as well as LAN port for MegaSTE and TT
- Joypads:
  - STE joypad emulation now supports analog / paddle input, too
- FDC:
  - For IPF/CTR support, caps library has a bug that resets FDC's TR and DR
    on warm reset (68000's reset command). We keep/restore the value ourselves
- IDE:
  - Fixed emulation of the HOB (High Order Byte) of the last LBA48 value
  - LBA28 capacity announcement is now correctly limited to 2^28-1
- Falcon:
  - DMA sound : fix SNDINT/SOUNDINT values (0=playing, 1=idle) and
    interrupts on TAI / GPIP7 for start of frame / end of frame
  - Preliminary support for more vertical refresh rates (50,60 or 71 Hz)
    based on Videl's registers $FF82C0 (VCO) and $FF82A2 (VFT) (was only 50 Hz before)
Emulator improvements:
- TOS:
  - Fix: set TOS country code from CountryCode setting, not Language one
  - Add "pl" (Poland) & "ro" (Romania) language options for EmuTOS
- RTC:
  - CLI/config option to override NVRAM/RTC year, useful with
    applications that do not handle current dates
- Joystick/Joypad support:
  - Fix: joystick button 2 space key emulation "autofiring"
  - Keyboard emulation support for all STE joypad buttons/keys
  - Support for re-mapping joystick buttons
  - Fix: Fread/Fwrite combination on Windows
  - Fix: Frename() should fail when target exists
  - Support up to 64 simultaneously open files (earlier limit was 32)
  - Similarly to TOS, allow programs to write to a file they have opened
    as read-only (by opening all writable files as read/write).  As this
    could fail with real HW under MiNT/MagiC, show warning about it
- Screen:
  - Support for screenshot using .NEO or .XIMG format
  - Add option "--screenshot-format <x>" (<x> = png or bmp or neo or ximg)
- Memory Snapshot:
  - Add some missing variables to the savestate
- Logging/tracing:
  - "os_base" trace option outputs now also dir create/delete + file delete
    calls (in addition to earlier pexec/pterm & file create/open calls)
  - Separate CPU video cycles under its own "cpu_video_cycles" trace flag
  - Suppress repeats of identical log & trace messages by default
    (show only their count) and add "--msg-repeat" option to toggle that
- Debug symbol handling:
  - Fix: invalid free on freeing loaded GNU debug symbols
  - Fix: Do not limit "A" type (constant) symbol values to 24-bit
  - Add support for reading symbols from new MINT+ELF binaries
  - Add support for demangled C++/a.out symbols (which can be
    very long and contain almost any characters)
  - "<name>.sym" file beside program file acts as its symbols override
  - Add optional argument for "symbols <name|code|data>" commands,
    to limit listed symbols to ones with the given substring
  - Improved support for weak symbols (important for C++ code)
  - Symbols with duplicate addresses are skipped on symbols loading
- Disassembler:
  - Fix: CPU core disassembler crashes with longer symbol names
  - When entering debugger with 'history' enabled, disassembly address
    defaults to an address in history preceding the PC register value
    (to give more context than disassembling directly from PC)
  - Support for disassembly output options working also for CPU core
    disassembler, in addition to external disassember output
  - More flags to change the disassembly output for CPU core
    (upper/lower case, show memory content, show EA, ...)
  - The built-in "external" disassembler has been replaced by a
    disassembler provided by the Capstone library (version >= 4.0)
- Debugger:
  - Fix: free all debugger allocations before exit
  - Fix: memdump command always outputs only requested number of items
  - Add address width (addr).[bwl] support to expression evaluation
  - History skips address repeats (e.g. with "stop" instruction)
  - Breakpoint ":quiet" option inhibits also extra output when
    ":file" option debugger command file is parsed
  - Line-A and line-F exceptions can be caught with "--debug-except"
    option (in addition to breakpoints)
  - Add "echo" command with escape handling, so that one can e.g.
    use "echo \ec" to clear (ANSI) terminal before breakpoint
    output from a debugger command file
GUI improvements:
  - Fix: mouse not visible in floppy disk dialog when it is invoked
    from a keyboard shortcut in fullscreen mode
  - Fix: fileselector scrollbar works with mouse also in SDL2
    scaled / fullscreen window
  - Support for joystick button mapping + space key vs. jump option
- Mac GUI:
  - Accept all file names as Mac file selector does not show
    a list of the accepted file name extensions any more
- gst2ascii:
  - Support for new MINT+ELF symbols
  - "-o" option is split to "-f" and "-g" options
  - "-s" option to skip symbols with duplicate addresses
  - By default filters same symbols out as Hatari debugger
  - This can be reverted with new '+' option variants (+l +g +s)
  - More concise listing of the duplicate symbols
- Profile data post-processor:
  - Does not show (most) of symbol conflict messages any more
    (unless '--verbose' option is given)
  - When address has multiple symbols which names are thought
    as C/C++ symbols, prefer shortest one
  - Support for symbol files + Hatari profile data containing
    demangled C++ symbols
  - Support weak symbols (used for C++ template methods)
  - Overtly long C++ symbol names are shortened in callgraphs
    (unless '--full-symbols' option is given)
  - Symbols given for "--only", "--ignore" and "--ignore-from"
    are interpreted as match patterns (with '*?[]' wildcards)
  - Only single arrow shown between callgraph nodes when
    "--compact" option is used
- m68k-instructions: (new)
  - Tool for printing m68k instruction breakpoints & opcode info
Build improvements:
- Fix: CPU core compile warnings (WinUAE upstream)
- Fix: groff/troff warnings for manual pages
- Use cmake config file provided by the SDL2 library instead of trying
  to detect the SDL2 library ourselves (fixes compilation on macOS)
- Removed unused sources for HD6301 emulation
- Hatari can now be compiled with emscripten, too
Fixed demos:
- Chaos A.D. : bad sound (Falcon DMA sound interrupts)
- Little -ME- Demo end part by Overlanders : black screen after a while (IACK timing)
- Monscape : bad sound (TT/DMA FIFO update)
- Time Slice by Defence Force : monochrome demo (crash when Hatari
  is compiled with "small mem" option)
- What If by Troed/Sync : 4 pixel hardscroll on STF by stopping shifter
- Oergs, Terrorize your soul, Zero Three Zero demos work now also
  when MMU is enabled
Fixed programs:
- FlaySID (DSP host handling)
- AFM sound with equalizer enabled (DSP modulo)
- FreeMiNT (use SCC counter at start to detect the SCC clock freq)
- Spectre 3.0 Macintosh emulator (stacked PC in case of bus error)
- m68k-Linux works (again) with 040/060 emulation (MMU)
- m68k-NetBSD does not crash on boot any more (MMU)
Fixed games:
- F29 Retaliator using CTR/IPF format (handle FDC's TR reset bug in caps library)
- MIDI (MFP IRQ clear) handling:
  - Bad Mood
  - Midi Maze
  - Midi Maze II
  - Oxyd 2
- Work now also when MMU is enabled:
  - Gravon (demo)
  - Killing Impact
  - Moongame


suyu version 0.0.3

Mise à jour
  • Logos
    Logo de macOS
  • Logos
    Logo Apple Silicon
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits

Successeur de Yuzu, émulateur de Nintendo Switch parti trop tôt suite à une défaite en justice face à Nintendo.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


The suyu emulator project is still alive. We present to you suyu v0.0.3


  1. Preliminary fix for fw 18.0.0
  2. Preliminary fix for Princess Peach: Showtime
  3. Fix NROs crashing and loading infinitely
  4. Fix issue #94
  5. Increase Limit ( FSR Sharp , AUDIO ) Android

etc etc

Please note that only firmware version 17.0.0 is officially supported. 18.0.0 may work but it is not guaranteed

Edit: correct android package name and displayed name

Edit 2: use correct name scheme to maintain compatibility with third party updaters

Edit 3: Rebuilt macOS. If the app won't open, try running xattr -d com.apple.quarantine suyu.app in Terminal

quasi88 version 0.7.1

Mise à jour
  • Logos
    Logo de macOS
  • Logos
    logo intel
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits
  • Logos
    Le logo de la bibliothèque SDL

Émulateur japonais de PC-8801 utilisant X11 et SDL pour sa version sous Unix.

Seul le code source est disponible.

Ignited version 1.10

Mise à jour
  • Logos
    Icône iOS

Multi-émulateur pour iOS de NES (Nestopia), Super Nintendo (Snes9x), Nintendo 64 (mupen64plus), Game Boy/Game Boy Color (Gambatte), Game Boy Advance (mGBA), Nintendo DS (MelonDS), Mega Drive/Master

Fiche ios
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New Cores

Added GBA support for mGBA with the following settings:

  • Frameskip
  • Light Level
  • Gyroscope Sensitivity
    • Full gyroscope support for WarioWare Twisted
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity
    • Full accelerometer support for Yoshi Topsy-Turvy and other games
  • Rumble Intensity
    • Full rumble support for Drill Dozer, WarioWare Twisted, and GBP-enhanced games
  • Game Boy Player
  • Idle Loop Removal

Added GBC support for mGBA with the following settings:

  • Frameskip
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity
    • Full accelerometer support for Kirby Tilt'n'Tumble and other games
  • Rumble Intensity
    • Full rumble support for games that utilize the Rumble Pak
  • Super Game Boy Borders
    • Full support for SGB-enhanced games
  • Game Boy Model Selection
  • Palette Lookup

Standard Skins

  • Added 2 new game screen modes
    • Flat Rounded
    • Floating Non-Rounded
  • Added an option for landscape screen size
    • Fit Inputs
    • Fit Device
    • Fill Device
  • Added 2 new DS layouts
    • Comfortable
    • Compact
    • Buttonless
  • Added an option to move the menu inputs to the top of the layout
  • Adjusted button areas for various devices and systems
  • Adjusted screen position in portrait when custom buttons are disabled
  • Fixed Auto skin color with Background Blur disabled


  • Added an option to disable diagonal D-Pad inputs on skins
  • Features and options will now be hidden when they have no effect


  • Moved core settings to the top of Quick Settings
  • Touch Overlay style is now a free option
  • Touch Audio sound is now a free feature


  • Fixed background blur not updating when first connecting an external display

ScummVM version 2.8.1

Mise à jour
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    Logo de macOS
  • Logos
    Icône iOS
  • Logos
    Logo des processeur PowerPC
  • Logos
    logo intel
  • Logos
    Logo Apple Silicon
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits
  • Logos
    Le logo de la bibliothèque SDL

ScummVM est un interpréteur OpenSource des jeux d'aventure de Lucas Art basés sur le moteur SCUMM et est capable d'interpréter Day Of The Tentacle, Sam&Max et la série des Monkey Island entre a

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Vita3k version auto build 3587

Mise à jour
  • Logos
    Logo de macOS
  • Logos
    logo intel
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits
auto build 3587

Tout premier émulateur Sony PS Vita qui n'émule actuellement que des homebrew bien que certains visuels de jeux commerciaux arrivent à s'afficher.

Flycast version 2.3

Mise à jour
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  • Logos
    Icône iOS
  • Logos
    logo intel
  • Logos
    Logo Apple Silicon
  • Logos
    Logo 64 bits
  • Logos
    Logo de l'API Metal d'Apple

Dérivé de l'émulateur nommé reicast, Flycast émule la Dreamcast ainsi que les jeux Naomi et Atomiswave. Attention, le support des jeux utilisant WinCE est très faible.

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v2.3.2: iOS re-release

Fixes a crash on iOS.

Le journal des nouveautés qui font rêver les nostalgiques


v2.3: Battle Cable, more SystemSP games, Switch improvements Latest

What's New

  • Battle Cable support
  • SystemSP hopper games: kingyo, manpuku, shateki, magicpop, unomedal, puyomedal, ochaken and westdmrg
  • Club Kart card reader support
  • Gamepad dead zone and saturation settings
  • Switch: touchscreen and joycon rumble support, bug fixes, performance improvements
  • HID barcode scanner support for card games (Mushi King, Dinosaur King, Love & Berry)

Fixed Games

  • Initial D v2/v3
  • Melty Blood: Act Cadenza
  • Confidential Mission
  • The Maze of the Kings
  • Spikers Battle
  • NBA Showtime
  • NHL 2K2
  • Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
  • Monkey Ball
  • Crackin'DJ 1 and 2
  • F355 (Naomi)
  • Samurai Shodown VI
  • Shenmue
  • Test Drive Le Mans
  • Sakura Taisen 3
  • Death Crimson 2
  • Force Five
  • NHL 2K2
  • Shakatto Tambourine
  • Xtreme Sports
  • Blue Stinger
  • RevolveR
  • Kaen Seibo
  • Nittere Shiki! Mirai Yosou Studio
  • Shakatto Tambourine Arcade

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.2...v2.3

La Gazette des Nouveautés Rétro

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