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VCMI est une réimplementation du moteur de l'excellent jeu qu'est Heroes of Might & Magic 3. Une build pour processeur Intel est disponible sur le github. Des builds de développement pour MacOS sont téléchargeables ici.

On en parle dans notre dossier sur les interpréteurs.

Bataille dans VCMI (Heroes of Might & Magic 3)
Ville dans VCMI (Heroes of Might & Magic 3)
Siège dans VCMI (Heroes of Might & Magic 3)
Ville dans VCMI (Heroes of Might & Magic 3)
Livre de sorts dans VCMI (Heroes of Might & Magic 3)



VCMI 1.5.0 released

A new major release has been published. VCMI 1.5.0 sees the light of day. The main focus this time was on the online lobby. But also many other features were integrated and many bugs were fixed.

Online multiplayer support

VCMI now has an online lobby that can be used to set up multiplayer sessions. But you can also interact with other players. The lobby works on all platforms and regardless of firewall restrictions. It can be opened at any time on desktop systems with CTRL + Tab and on mobile platforms with a three-finger touch.

Additionally it is now possible to check towns/heroes during opponent player turn and bypass hero movement latency for non-host players by picking maximum hero speed in game options.

Better random maps

A new biome system for random maps has been integrated. This makes created maps look much more natural.

Also there are many different optimizations like properly random-looking zone edges, treasure/obstacle density tweaks and underground generation content tweaks leading to better zones.

AI optimizations

Nullkiller AI got notable speedup improvements, better handling of heroes with "patrol" set in map editor and some other fixes.

Most remaining campaign issues fixed

Many different problems and bugs related to campaigns have been fixed.

Basic game controllers support added

It is now possible to play VCMI with a game controller. Both on PC-based platforms and on mobile platforms.

Easier installation of game files from

We have now integrated innoextract into the launcher. This makes it very easy to extract the offline installer from (.exe and .bin file) for vcmi.

This function is currently available on all platforms except android. With the integration of the launcher in the next few weeks, the function will also be available there.

Artifact improvements

It is now possible to group several artifacts into sets. This feature is based on the costumes of the HD mod. With CTRL + [1]...[9] an artifact set can be saved, which can then be called with [1]...[9].

There are now also new shortcuts. ALT + Click on artifact slot moves artifact from/to backpack. CTRL + Click on artifact slot moves artifact to 2nd hero we are trading with.

Configurable keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shourtcuts are now configurable. However, currently only via the configuration file config/shortcutsConfig.json.

New homepage

With version 1.5.0 we have also published our new homepage. Apart from the newer, more modern design, it also offers useful functions for players, modders and developers.

Documents such as instructions and technical documentation are now available directly on the website. You can also find informations and pictures of the individual mods in our mod repository.

And much more

In addition, many other features and fixes have been integrated, which were requested by the community. For example: tavern hero inviting (requires mod to enable), optional unlimited replay, option to disable cheats, immediate end of the battle, dimension door & summoning mechanics fixes. See the complete changelog

We are delighted that you are entering the world of Enroth via VCMI. The journey has been a long one, but we are far from finished and will continue to improve VCMI.

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