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App Icon

  • Brand new legally-compliant app icon (thanks Caroline Moore!)
  • Includes alternative app icons designed by community members:
  • "Halogenide" by Sebastiaan de With
  • "Ketchup" by Ben McCarthy
  • "Microchip" by Sean Fletcher

iPad Support

  • Play games full screen on iPad's beautiful display
  • Brand new controller skins designed specifically for iPad (thanks Caroline Moore!)
  • Supports multiple windows in Stage Manager and Split View
  • Automatically pauses games when switching windows (optional)


  • Seamlessly switch between iPhone and iPad
  • Continues playing exactly where you left off
  • Also supports Delta on Apple Silicon Macs via Mac App Store

melonDS 0.9.5

  • Improves DS game compatibility & performance
  • BIOS files are now optional!
  • Supports "inserting" GBA games into DS dual-slot
  • Increased Fast Forward speed to 3x (A15 processor or later)

Menu Button Gestures

  • Use gestures while holding menu button to perform quick actions
  • Menu + Horizontal Swipe: Fast Forward
  • Menu + Any Button: Hold Button
  • Menu + Double-Tap: Quick Save
  • Menu + Long-Press: Quick Load

Experimental Features

  • New section in Settings for features by third-party contributors
  • Features are WIP and should be used at user’s discretion
  • Available for Patrons on "Beta Access" tier or higher

Save States

  • Sort save states by name
  • View all incompatible screenshots on a separate screen
  • Export save states to import into other emulators

“Display Full Screen” AirPlay Setting

  • Control whether Delta shows games full screen on external displays
  • Disable to use multiple windows on external display with Stage Manager


  • Supports Game Mode on iOS 18+
  • Increased DS screen size for default edge-to-edge iPhone landscape skin


  • Fixed exporting save file without file extension
  • Fixed interface rotating when playing WarioWare: Twisted!
  • Fixed Pokemon Black & White (2) freezing with C-Gear enabled


Adobe threatened legal action unless we changed our app icon — so we did! Hope y'all like it :)

• New icon to avoid legal trouble
• Revised context menu for games
• Fixed exporting save file without file extension
• Fixed broken melonDS BIOS FAQ link

L'un des meilleurs émulateurs disponible sur iPhone/iPad, distribué sur l'Altstore en Europe et sur l'AppStore d'Apple ailleurs.

Delta étant un multiémulateur, voici les émulateurs utilisés :


Delta playing Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
Delta game's library
Les skin de manette virtuelle

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