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Mise à jour

Dérivé de l'émulateur Flycast permettant de jouer en réseau par notamment.



Flycast Dojo 6.46 Changelog

  • Session Transmission: Send Spectate Start Message Once. Fixes Replays/Spectating.

Flycast Dojo 6.45 Changelog

  • Fightcade: Hide player names until received from service. Show correct order.
  • Session Stream: Enable guest score transmission

Flycast Dojo 6.44 Release Notes

  • Test Game: Fix Offline Game Launch

Flycast Dojo 6.43 includes various enhancements to Test Game mode, including loading controller profiles in the Settings prior to game launch for previews, as well as a Main Menu button to enter the emulator's main interface from the Test Game screen off of Fightcade. This new version also includes improved netplay savestate tracking for replays in preparation for netplay savestate auto-updating.

Flycast Dojo 6.43 Release Notes

  • Test Game: Fix Game Launch, Main Menu, Emulator Exit

Flycast Dojo 6.42 Release Notes

  • Netplay Savestates: Download list of commits locally with savestate download
  • Replays/Spectating: If commit from header unavailable, use Commit based on Quark Epoch

Flycast Dojo 6.39 Release Notes

  • Replays/Spectating: Get commit by Quark Epoch time & Game Name when missing from header
  • Replays/Spectating: Record current Savestate Commit on Session Start
  • Netplay Savestate Download: Make copy with commit extension for Replay versioning
  • Test Game: Add Main Menu Button

Flycast Dojo 6.36 Release Notes

  • Test Game: Load Button Names in Settings
  • Linux: Copy missing shared memory (EEPROM/NVMEM/VMU) from shared directory before game launch

Flycast Dojo 6.35 introduces more enhancements and bug fixes for controller mapping and button check. Button Check now also supports macro buttons, finally giving an accurate picture of what is seen in-game. To make button mapping more intuitive, the hovered row is now highlighted.

Flycast Dojo 6.35 Release Notes

  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (NAOMI): Change Button Names (Assist A/B -> 1/2, Strong -> Heavy)
  • Controller Mapping: Highlight hovered row for Button Assignment

Flycast Dojo 6.34 Release Notes

  • Macros: Refactor Macro Assignment, Show in Button Check

Flycast Dojo 6.33 is a minor update for Mac OS that fixes launching Dreamcast games from Fightcade and other clients using the included file definitions.

Flycast Dojo 6.33 Release Notes

  • Mac OS & Linux: Fix Game Entry JSON location, Use base directory env vars when available

Flycast Dojo 6.32 includes bug fixes and features based on the feedback of the last Fightcade release. Test Game now loads all button and system definitions for the target game upon launch, and system selection is disabled in the controller mapping menu when a game is loaded to prevent player confusion.

Many Lua functions were also added to give the modding community a head start in making interesting Training scripts in Flycast Dojo. You can now read signed integers and floats from memory, read frame number, draw color progress bars, as well as draw lines and rectangles for hitboxes. Special thanks to N-Bee, mountainmanjed, & Magnetro for suggestions and help.

Lastly, for those of you who want to stay on your controller during Training Mode dummy recording, I added buttons for cycling between input slots, playing, and recording your selection. They can be found in the Training Mode section of your Controller Mapping settings.

Flycast Dojo 6.32 Release Notes

  • Linux: Copy Default VMU from shared dir when supported game is detected.
  • Lua: Rectangles, Lines; Support Floating point numbers

Flycast Dojo 6.31 Release Notes

  • Lua: Get Frame Number
  • Training: Dummy Recording, Select/Record/Play Input Slot Button
  • Match Codes/Relays: Hide Code/Key command line toggle
  • Lua: Rectangles, Lines (rect, line)
  • Lua: Color Progress Bars (bargraphColor)
  • Lua: Read Signed Integers from Memory (read8s, read16s, read32s)
  • Lua: Read Float from Memory (read32f)
  • Game Entries: Add all DC multiplayer game filenames (according to MobyGames) from Redump collection
  • Test Game: Show Button Names without launching game. Leaving Button Check goes back to Test Game screen.
  • Training: Switch Player, Check for null gamepad
  • Credits: Update Patrons
  • Test Game: Restrict input mapping to target game system
  • Controller Mapping: Disable system select when in game. Default to loaded game platform.
  • Training: Load Lua scripts in Paxtez MvC2 mods

Flycast Dojo 6.30 contains more bug fixes, and the ability to spectate & watch replays from sessions held on relays in addition to Match Codes.

I also added an A+Start macro intended for Capcom vs SNK 2 players to perform a one-button taunt when playing the Dreamcast version.

Flycast Dojo 6.30 Release Notes

  • Stream Receive: Force virtual assignment when mode toggled. Should not be saved.

Flycast Dojo 6.29 Release Notes

  • GUI, Spectate Match Code Sessions & Relays, convert to Popup
  • Relays: Allow mode selection after GUI cancel
  • Rename SpectateMatchCode option to SpectateKey
  • Training, Replays: Disable "Show Hotkeys" button (Fixes crashes)
  • Relay Match Spectating & Replay streaming
  • A+Start Macro, for DC CvS2 one button taunt
  • Add proper ROM path to parent when data folder is detected
  • Match Codes, Relays: Send all netplay steps to stdout

Flycast Dojo 6.28 serves as a bug fix release for Flycast Dojo 6.26. This release fixes Match Code & Relay launching from command line, the Windows internal updater to accept new releases, allows games without savestates to be played online again, and cleans up integration details needed for matchmaking frontends. Special thanks to Ren, ToastRider, & pof for reporting bugs, integration, and debugging assistance.

Flycast Dojo 6.28 Release Notes

  • Mac: Set proper Content Path when DOJO_BASE_DIR is assigned
  • Relays, CMD: Use Relay Key entered in arguments (Thanks Ren)
  • Relays: Fix Relay command line start
  • Savestate Download: Don't show successful save if file is not found
  • Client Join: send to stdout

Flycast Dojo 6.27 Release Notes

  • Savestate Download: Fix flickering screen, allow game to be launched when missing savestate
  • Internal Updater, Windows: Fix Updater, Accepts application/zip content type (Thanks ToastRider)
  • Match Codes: Start matchmaking session after host/join selection
  • Match Codes, Relay Keys: Send codes to stdout
  • GGPO: Send session start to stdout

Flycast Dojo 6.26 introduces a new connection method: relay servers. For users on networks where a direct P2P connection over Match Codes do not work, relay servers will allow you to tunnel all game traffic through a server visible by both parties on the open internet. Just point to your server of choice, and exchange codes with your opponent like you would with Match Codes. This should serve as an alternative to Fightcade's own tunnels or using a Virtual LAN with Direct IP.

New UI changes where also made in this go-around. All modes and connection methods are now available in the drop-down on the main menu, and helpful description text is available for each selection. Icons now adorn the interface, and the netplay flow has been cleaned up for all connection methods.

Since this is the first release with relays, this will be the first time they will be tested in the wild. I have put up 7 servers around the world according to the most active regions where Match Codes have been used. Once relays are in a solid place, I'll be releasing the server code so that people can host their own. Server capacity and new locations will be determined after initial testing and feedback of what is up now. (An extra special thanks to our Patreon contributors, who make server deploys possible!)

In future releases, I plan on combining the hole punching used in Match Codes with relays through automatic detection. In the mean time, you can start with Match Codes and switch over to a relay when that doesn't work.


Relay Servers

  • (Hillsboro, OR, USA)
  • (Ashburn, VA, USA)
  • (Santiago, Chile)
  • (Madrid, Spain)
  • (Helsinki, Finland)
  • (Seoul, South Korea)
  • (Sydney, Australia)

For news, support, and potential matchmaking, head over to the Dojo Project Discord. I'll be looking over the server performance and taking feedback there. Enjoy!

Flycast Dojo 6.26 Release Notes

  • Relay Servers
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • Connection Flow UI Overhaul
    • Match Codes
    • IP Entry
  • Main Screen: Mode & Connection Method Selection
  • Main Screen: Mode Descriptions
  • Savestate Download: Remove stuck modal on main menu return


Flycast Dojo 6.19 Release Notes

  • Fix Score Transmitting (disable by default for Fightcade)

This release now allows for match spectating with Match Codes! Spectating may be adjusted in the Replays settings, and matches may be watched either by entering the target Match Code in the main menu with SPECTATE selected, or visiting the replay server.


Replay server interface

Flycast Dojo 6.18 Release Notes

  • Session Transmission: Enable only services (Match Code server/Fightcade) by default. Add toggle.

Flycast Dojo 6.17 Release Notes

  • Replays: Fix local file loading
  • Fix Upscale Bleeding Edge (by Immersion95, transplanting from upstream). Helps with MvC2/CvS2 upscaling sprite issues.
  • Player Info: correct Order

Flycast Dojo 6.15 Release Notes

  • Savestate download: Cleanup Dojo variables on post-game launch
  • Spectate Match Code paste button.

Flycast Dojo 6.14 Release Notes

  • Replay Stream/Spectate: Selection by Match Code
  • Fix main menu button spacing
  • Prevent Transmission on receive

Flycast Dojo 6.13 Release Notes

  • Macros: 1+2+5, A+B+Y

Flycast Dojo 6.12 Release Notes

  • Fightcade Game Definition: Fix Unicode File Path Handling (Fixes #47)

Flycast Dojo 6.11 Release Notes

  • Quick Load: Load last selected save slot

Flycast Dojo 6.10 Release Notes

  • Training: Fix Random Playback Loop, Disable Random on Stop Toggle

To make offline games run smoother for locals, this release introduces an improved Quick Map flow, allowing you to select a player port at the beginning of prompt. The quick map button is also made available in the settings, in case you are unable to hit a menu button from your controller during a game.

Training Mode now sees bug fixes and restored features. When the Dummy Playback Loop is enabled and you hit a random slot, it will now cycle randomly through your Recording Slots instead of repeating the same one.

Disabling/Enabling the visuals of a Training Mode Overlay and the Lua script can now be toggled from the in-game menu. You can now pause and use frame step in Training Mode again. Replays should also allow you to pause.

I am near the end of a major refactor that will have Flycast Dojo inherit and keep the latest upstream changes from the Flycast project. The 6.xx versions will be for bug fixes for the sake of stability when playing with others on Fightcade.

Flycast Dojo 6.9 Release Notes

  • Mac OS: Settings, fix row alignment for Controls

Flycast Dojo 6.8 Release Notes

  • Load BIOS from parent data/ directory if available. Allows use of Fightcade ROMs at default location when BIOS files are placed in different directory.
  • Game Reference JSON: Update Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram CHD definition
  • Settings: Controls, Fix Physical Device Columns

Flycast Dojo 6.7 Release Notes

  • Training: Restore Pause & Frame Step
  • Training: Fix Overlay Toggle, Add Lua Toggle
  • Quick Map: Add Button to Settings
  • Quick Map: Player Select
  • Quick Map: Platform Select if game not running
  • In-Game Menu: Allow P2 Menu Selection
  • Training: Random Playback Slot, Cycles Random Slots

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