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Yabause à jour

dimanche 27 août 2006, par syndicman

Cet émulateur de SEGA Saturn a été mis à jour en version 0.7.0 et possède désormais une interface graphique. Malheureusement elle ne fonctionne pas encore correctement et un correctif est prévu pour *bientôt*.

0.6.0 -> 0.7.0

cart :

 Added Action Replay flash emulation.

cd block :

 Fixed Read Directory/Change Directory commands. This fixes Duke Nukem 3D and a few others that have Netlink support.
 Audio data is no longer stored when read by the cd block. This fixes Guardian Heroes.
 other bug fixes.

scsp :

 Added function that allows developers to get easy to read information on the requested scsp sound slot.
 Fixed a bug where the phase wasn’t getting updated if DISDL was set to 0. This fixes Falcom Classics, Nadesico, and many other games using ADX.
 Fixed a bug that was causing OCT with a setting of 0x8 to play at the wrong octave.
 Fixed a bug that was causing King of Fighters 95(and possibly others) to go into an endless loop.

scu :

 Improved SCU interrupt handling.

sh2 :

 Fixed a bug in exts.b opcode.
 Corrected some bugs in sh2idle
 SCI emulation improvements

smpc :

 Added proper DOTSEL reporting.
 Region settings are now properly preserved.
 Changed region autodetection so it defaults to the japanese region if
it can’t autodetect.

68k :

 Fixed a few bugs.

vdp2 :

 Debug info bug fixes
 Implemented one mode of external HV latching. This fixes King of Fighters 95.
 External latch and sync flags are now cleared on TVSTAT reading.
 Added speed throttle(basically skips 6 frame draws).
 Added long writes for VCSTA, LSTA0, and LSTA1 registers.

software video core :

 Rewrote it so it’s no longer dependent on SDL.
 Added NBG2/NBG3 support.
 Added tile mode rendering.
 Added frame buffer emulation.
 Added normal sprite drawing.
 Changed Normal Sprite drawing so that Scaled Sprite and Distorted Sprite functions can use it too.
 Added some support for Scaled/Distorted Sprites.
 Added VDP1 Polyline and Line drawing to Software renderer.
 Fixed a bunch of bugs.

opengl video core :

 Fixed a few issues with OpenGL initialization.
 Fixed a window/fullscreen bug.
 Added a smart Line Scroll/Vertical Cell Scroll interpreter.
 Changed Color Offset so it uses the same method as the Software renderer.
 Fixed Rotation Table reading.
 Fixed a bug in VIDOGLVdp1PolylineDraw where coordinate reads were writing to invalid areas.

macos port :

 Added carbon interface
 Can now build .dmg image from .app directory
 Other improvements

general :

 Better handling of NULL string when opening a file
 Fixed a few memory leaks
 ISO support fixes
 PAL support added
 Fixed v-blank timing
 Added auto frameskipping(still not working correctly)
 Improved sound buffering
 Fixed handling of invalid SH2 opcodes
 Dummy sound core bug fixes
 Fixed some warnings
 Added experimental bios emulation
 Added memory breakpoints
 Added a function to the sound cores for setting the volume.

Merci à Kaal pour l’info.

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