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Richard Bannister en grande forme

dimanche 28 septembre 2008, par syndicman

Cela faisait un petit moment que Richard Bannister ne nous avait pas offert une bonne grosse mise à jour de tous ses émulateurs. Si vous mettez à jour un ou plusieurs de ses émulateurs, pensez également à mettre à jour Emulator Enhancer.
Un tout nouvel émulateur de ZX Spectrum est également disponible, il s’agit de Fuzzbug.

Voici les nouveautés en détails (et en anglais) :

Tous les émulateurs :
 Audio recording no longer stops when emulator is switched to background, provided that the option to keep emulating in background is on. Recording will still stop if the emulator does.
 Brushed metal mode is now off by default on new installs, as well as existing installs where users press the Default button.
 Fixed an obscure endian bug that resulted in odd window sizes when an emulator preferences file was moved between PowerPC and Intel.
 Fixed several minor visual glitches in the Preferences dialog box.
 Modified the behaviour of the Quick Freeze function, so that the last ten quick freezes for each game are kept in /Library/Application Support/Bannister/(emulator name)/Saved States. You can restore these at any time using the Defrost menu command. Added code to stop the quick freeze and quick defrost keys from being repeated. Thanks to David McCabe for the suggestion.
 Replaced custom about box with standard HIAboutBox. Removed option to pause execution when about box is open.

Arnold :
 Added support for automatically loading cassette files.
 Added support for printing from within the CPC. Text only, output is saved to a file on the users Desktop.
 Disk LED is once again five pixels wide. Thank the Xcode optimizer for causing this one.
 The Automatically load games option is now turned off by default, which should prevent inadvertent emulator resets when changing disk on multi disk games.
 Writing to disk images works once again.

 In sync with the latest version for PC.

fMSX :
 Added several additional configuration options in Preferences.
 Synchronised with v3.5 of the core source code. This involved a considerable amount of rewriting to the Mac code, so it’s possible that some things may be currently broken. Please report issues so I can fix them.
 The shareware prompt now does not appear for the first time until five minutes into program execution.

Horizon :
 Fixed bug whereby dropping file into Horizon window would cause an assertion failure.

KiGB :
 Fixed issue where battery backed RAM was being saved to the freeze states folder and thus could be overwritten by doing a quick freeze. Thanks to Andrew Hesford for the report.

MO5 :
 Fixed crash on exit. Thanks to Squirrel for spotting this one.

Rainbow :
 Added "better than nothing" icon for disks taken from Classic version of Rainbow. If someone wants to replace this please be my guest.

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