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Avalanche chez Bannister (suite)

samedi 8 octobre 2005, par syndicman

Je n’avais pas eu le temps de vous parler des nouveautés des mises à jour de Richard Bannister alors voici un peu plus de détails sur les nouvelles version d’Emulator Enhancer et des émulateurs :


Emulator Enhancer 1.6 :
 Bug corrigé concernant la disparition de la barre de menu dans certains cas
 Il n’est plus possible de configurer le clavier dans les émulateurs qui ne sont pas prévus pour
 Changements internes permettant la compilation avec Xcode
 Ajout d’un collecteur de statistiques (temps joué, fichiers ouverts) mais qui n’est pas encore activé dans les émulateurs


Tous les émulateurs profitent des nouveautés apportées par Emulator Enhancer à condition d’installer ce dernier bien entendu. Parmi les émulateurs qui ne proposent pas de nouveautés documentées (à part la compatibilité avec EE 1.6) se trouvent :

Boycott Advance v0.3.6 (GBA), Handy v0.9.1 (Atari Lynx), Neopocott v0.4.7 (NGP), SimCoupe (SAM Coupé), Oric v1.7.4 (Oric), Rainbow v1.5.3 (Atari 800), O2Em v1.0.7 (Odyssey 2/Videopac G7000, RockNES v4.0.1 (NES), MO5 v2.4.1 (MO5), Frodo v4.3.6 (C64), TEO v1.7.8 (TO8), Thom v1.5.7 (TO7), Horizon v1.3.5 (BBC Micro), Genesis Plus v1.2.6 (Megadrive), Generator v0.4.0 (Megadrive), Vecx v0.1.2 (Vectrex), Modeler v0.9.5 (System32/Model1).

Les émulateurs suivants possèdent des nouveautés :

Oswan v0.7.5 (Wonderswan)
 Émulation du son !

SMS Plus v1.2.1 (Master System/Game Gear) - ViBE v1.0b6 (Virtual Boy) - Jum52 v0.8.6 (Atari 5200)
 Ajout d’un bouton "Quick Record"

Arnold v1.7.3 (Amstrad CPC)
 Émulation des joysticks corrigée

Mugrat v0.3 (Colecovision)
 Vitesse d’horloge du CPU corrigée (il allait cinq fois trop vite).
 Bug qui empêchait le clavier de fonctionner dans les jeux Atarisoft.
 Support des ROMs zippées.

TGEmu v0.3.0 (PC Engine)
 En synchronisation avec le dernier code source de Charles MacDonald. Changements internes majeurs améliorant considérablement la compatibilité (Legendary Axe, Legendary Axe II, Bravoman, Super Star Soldier (U/J), Splatterhouse (J), Afterburner II, BeBall/Chew Man Fu...)
 Ajout d’un bouton "Quick Record"

KiGB v2.0.1 (GameBoy)
 En synchronisation avec la version 2.0.1 pour PC

- Bugs Fixed:
  * Fixed the error in loading of save states files and input files created by
  * When switching from a GBC game to a GB game, the colors of the startup
    screen were incorrect. Fixed.
  * Joypad/joystick support was broken. Fixed.
  * In R-Type, the game could not be paused. Fixed.
  * Pokemon Card GB no longer exit with invalid opcode error.
  * The following games/demos have better/correct graphics:
    ~ Armour Force (the color of the first enemy should be "colorless" and
      that of the third should be "colorless" at the start but becomes normal
      after awhile)
    ~ Buster Brother (the countdown just before game play screen should start
      at 9 and immediately set to 8)
    ~ Dracula Densetsu II (garbage quickly flashed up during startup)
    ~ F-1 Racing Championship (the very top few lines corrupted during playing
      the video)
    ~ Go Go Tank (the short flashing line just below the status window should
      start at the middle of the wall (cliff) and end at the wall)
    ~ Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru (missing the top line at the title screen)
    ~ NASCAR Challenge (the color of the line between the road and the status
      window should be blue instead of black)
    ~ Parodius (the laser beams should not draw over the player and options)
    ~ Rescue Heroes - Fire Frency (screen flashed up quickly just before game
      play of Animal Rescue)
    ~ Space Invasion (garbage appeared in the screen before game play)
    ~ Top Ranking Tennis (the shadow should not cover the players' feet)

V2.00 (2005-2-19)
This is a major release to signalize the completion of the compatibility
project - to test all the games/demos in the GoodGBX V2.02 ROM set (over
6,000). My sincere thanks to Scott Nash.

- New Features:
  * Simulate the startup code in GB and GBC modes.
  * Automatic ignore the extra 512 bytes at the start for some badly
    dumped games. Example: Soreike! Anpanman 2 (J) [C]
- Changes:
  * Colors look more like to a real GBC.
  * The colors for GB look like to a real GB.
  * The options for changing GB palette are renamed as follows:
    ~ Default -> Classic GB
    ~ Normal  -> GB Pocket
- Bugs Fixed:
  * Screen scrolling is now less jerky (mainly on Windows port). Versatility
    (PD) runs at full speed.
  * The following games/demos have better/correct graphics:
    ~ Dark Man (the corrupted line just above the status window is removed -
      this is verified by a real GB)
    ~ Infocom - Wishbringer 2 (PD) (the scrolling of text does not have a
      large gap)
    ~ Lunar Lander (U) (the screen will flash shortly at the title screen
      after the title has completely scrolled up. Also, the space shuttle
      and the launcher does mix together when they overlap.)
    ~ Parts Collection - Medarot Kuma (J) [S] (when the main character and
      the bear sleep, they will not flash up again after the screen fades
    ~ Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (U) [C][h1] (the colors of the characters
      are now correct again. Note that you have to force KiGB as GBC mode
      to run this game as the header is incorrectly set it as a GB game.)
    ~ Razor Freestyle Scooters (U) [C] (the lower part of the exclaimation
      mark no longer flashes just before game play)
    ~ Super Mario Land (V1.1) (JUA) (Mario flashes when moving out from a
    ~ Robocop (no more gfx glitches at the left just before game play)
    ~ Robocop Vs Terminator (U) (screen no longer flashes at the screen just
      before game play and when you die)
    ~ Rugrats Movie, The (U) [S] (screen no longer jumps when you jump)
    ~ Saiyuuki (J) (garbage no longer flashes up when pressing Select during
      game play)
    ~ Supreme Snowboarding (E) (M3) [C] (the little hills during play are
      displayed correctly again when they are overlapped)
    ~ Tazmainan Devil - Muching Madness (U) (M5) [C][t1] (sometimes the title
      becomes garbage at the trainer screen)
    ~ To-Heart Slideshow Green and Red (PD) (no more garbage after the first
      part. However, the second option is missing.)
    ~ Torpedo Range (UE) (the lower part of the screen does not flash up just
      before the title scrolling up)
    ~ Turi Sensei 2 (J) [C] (the white line is removed when dialog box
    ~ Vila Caldan Color (PD)
    ~ World Cup '94 (the coin no longer flashes just before tossing)
    ~ Xiang Pu -- Dong Hai Dao Chang Suo (Sumo Fighter) (J) (garbage flashes
      up after pressing Start at the main menu screen)
    ~ WWF Superstars (J) (no more gfx glitches at the title)
  * The following games/demos have better/correct sound:
    ~ Alone in the Dark (startup music - very close but still not perfect)
    ~ WCW Mayhem (U) [C] (both left and right channels play sound)
    ~ Work Master 2 Demo (V1.9) (UNL) [C] (a sound note is played at startup)
  * The sprites drawing priority in GB mode is now correct again. Games
    affected: Lunar Lander (U), Hyper Dunk (U) and possibly a few others.
  * The sprites drawing priority in GBC mode is now correct again. You can
    really see through the wall to see the targets in the gallery when you
    move the aim on the wall in Perfect Dark (U) (M5) [C].
  * Super Ninja - a TornPocket Production (WIP) (Y2kode) (PD) [C] (when you
    press and hold the Start button, the game pauses. When you relase it,
    the game resumes immediately.)
  * Super Scrabble (U) now works again.
  * Touch Boy System ROM (UNL) [C] now works properly.
  * Yar's Revenge - The Quotile Ultimatumm (PD) does not hang after the
    first screen. This game cannot be played on a real GB.
  * Fixed a careless bug in joypad setting.
  * Use of Super Smartjoy (a joypad device) will not crash out.
  * The destination code is now correctly shown.
  * When the keyboard mapping dialog is displayed, it will always display
    player 1 in the player number selection list.

fMSX v3.0 (MSX)
 En synchronisation avec la version 3.0 pour UNIX

Nestopia v1.2.0 (NES)
 En synchronisation avec la version 1.2.0 pour PC (Gros, gros changements apportant notamment une vitesse d’exécution bien plus rapide)

New iNes mappers:

 53, 56, 142, 158, 164, 165, 193, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208,
 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 215, 217

Fixed iNes mappers:

New UNIF boards:

 Mario 1 Malee 2, Novel Diamond 9999999-in-1, Super Game 8237 
 Super 24-in-1, WS 40-in-1

New controllers:

 Oeka Kids Tablet, Hyper Shot, Crazy Climber, Mahjong, Exciting Boxing 
 Top Rider, Pokkun Moguraa

Other emu core related things:

 - More standard conformant C++ code
 - Easier to port to other platforms using a new written API
 - Many speed optimizations (but at NO cost of emulation accuracy)
 - Save state and movie file formats rewritten, old files will no longer work
 - More accurate APU and PPU emulation thanks to RE work by Blargg, Kevtris and Quietust
 - Perfectly time-aligned sound sample output by using a common clocking rate
 - Uses new updated palette by Matrixz
 - Better (but not perfect) NTSC color generation algorithm based on tweaks by AWJ
 - ROM database fixes and additions
 - Support for phantom stereo sound output
 - More accurate FDS emulation
 - Better sound quality with the external sound chips
 - Auto-selects between Famicom and NES 4-player adapter based on game CRC
 - More accurate emulation for several controllers
 - More accurate hard/soft reset behaviour

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