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Au sujet de Hi-Toro

samedi 16 septembre 2006, par Gintonic

Une nouvelle version de Hi-Toro est sortie aujourd’hui même et nous arrive en version 0.4.9.

Depuis notre dernier news à son sujet, diverses versions sont sorties entre-temps.

En voici les nouveautés :

Version 0.4.9 : (16/09/2006)

• Fixedincorrect behaviour : previouslythestatefileoptionwaswrittenevenif no state file was specified, disabling hard file support.

• Cosmetic changes to the eject and reveal buttons.

• Fixed broken tool tips translations for state file eject and reveal buttons.

Version 0.4.8 : (13/09/2006)

• Significant improvement tolaunchspeed : removedthenecessitytoinitialize the configuration editor, and deferred initialization of the preferences panel.

• Addedsupport forUAEload/savestatefilesandstatebundles (thelatterare unique to OS X) via the statefile option.

• Made file read/write operations more atomic.

• Added support for the x86.use_tsc option.

• Improved handling of OS X packages in open and save panels.

• Updated and improved the cross-referencing of the online help.

Version 0.4.7 : (14/08/2006)

• Fixedanastylittlebugthat causedtheE-UAEpathopenpanel toreturnan Applescript error if the path to E-UAE was invalid.

Version 0.4.6 : (12/08/2006)

• NowusingSystemEventstoset thefiletypeandfilecreator propertiesof configurationsanddiskimages. Thisshouldresolvetherecurringproblem that causedconfigurationfilestobeidentifiedastext filesduetointermittent errors when using the Finder to set the file type and file creator properties.

• Open and save panels are now fully localized ; previously prompts were not.

• Added the option to the hard file configurator to create RDB hardfiles.

• Hard file configurator now recognises hard files with SFS or PFS filesystems.

• Fixedabugthat returnedaFinder error if theConfigurationBrowser folder had become invalid (renamed or deleted) since Hi-Toro was last launched.

• Selecting CPU options that disable JIT functionality will ghost the JIT slider.

• Minor updates and revisions to online help.

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