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Virtual ][ à jour
[par syndicman] le 27 mars 2004

Cet excellent émulateur d’Apple ][ pour MacOSX (10.2 mini) nous arrive en version 2.6 avec beaucoup de nouveautés que je liste ici en anglais :

- A floppy disk image can now be part of the configuration, making it possible to create a turnkey system with a bootable floppy disk image.
- A Macintosh folder can now be mounted as a DOS 3.3 floppy disk.
- Added a quick way to select between 3 different standard machines : Applel†][, Applel†][+ and Apple†//e.
- Added the option to define a default configuration, which is used when the program starts.
- Introduced the option to use the Macintosh backspace key as left arrow key.
- Improved support for the Open Apple and Closed Apple key on the Apple†//e.
- Added an optional disk I/O indicator light in full screen mode.
- Added the "Media" pull down menu, which contains all commands to insert disks and tapes.
- When a virtual machine window is closed the program now asks for a confirmation.
- The standard window size can now be set as an application-wide preference.
- Improved the efficiency of video rendering by about 30%.
- Solved a bug that prevented the game "Serpentine" to run.
- Solved a bug that corrupted the internal timing of a virtual machine after the Macintosh woke up from sleep mode (solved this in Panther, not in Jaguar).