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Bochs 1.3
[par ] le 12 décembre 2001

Une nouvelle version de l’émulateur PC OpenSource dont je vous ai déjà parlé vient de sortir. La version MacOSX n’est pas encore disponible au téléchargement mais les sources oui, vous pouvez donc le compiler vous même.
Voici les nouveautés (je n’ai pas traduit mais c’est assez clair je pense...) :
 ? add support for MacOS X (Carbon API), BeOS, and Amiga/MorphOS
 ? emulated NE2000 works in Linux and WinNT/2000
 ? read raw CD in Win95/98, read ISO images on any platform
 ? in WinNT/2000, reading from raw floppies is supported
 ? debugger is supported on win32
 ? new text mode configuration menus, as an alternative to editing .bochsrc
 ? runtime configuration menu can change floppy disk images, turn debug logging on/off during simulation
 ? polite panics. If you write ’panic : action=ask’ in the bochsrc, bochs will ask you what to do when a panic occurs. Choices include : quit, continue, or turn off this type of message.
 ? parallel port emulation
 ? new and improved model of PIT (programmable interval timer)
 ? improved control over simulation time : option to stay in sync with real time, and an option to use less CPU time when Bochs is idle.
 ? many small improvements in cpu and device emulation
 ? simpler Win32/VC++ compile process, option to use VC++ workspaces
 ? documentation is about 80% converted to docbook, with many sections written from scratch.

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