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Virual ][ 5.4 est là
[par syndicman] le 27 août 2006

Cet émulateur d’Apple II est une vraie merveille, dommage qu’il soit payant. Voici la liste des nouveautés pour cette version 5.4 :

- Added emulation of the Thunderclock card, and made it the default clock card for all virtual machine types.
- The old "ProDos clock card" is now obsolete. It is still supported, but can no longer be selected in a new configuration.
- Added emulation of the the Saturn 128K memory card.
- Improved the support for international keyboards.
- Added additional Apple II character sets : British, French, German, Itialian and Swedish.
- Adjusted the Apple //e character set, to eliminate some minor differences with the characters in the original machine.
- Added an AppleScript property to get the path of the configured favorite disk folder.
- The RAMWorks card can now be configured in increments of 64KB (was 128KB).
- The 16K RAM card can now be inserted in all slots, not only slot 0.
- Fixed an issue that prevented 2img disk images from being recognized on an Intel Mac.
- The "generic printer card", which has been obsolete since version 3.4, is no longer supported. It has been replaced by the Grappler+ card and the serial printer card.