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Yabause à jour
[par syndicman] le 27 août 2006

Cet émulateur de SEGA Saturn a été mis à jour en version 0.7.0 et possède désormais une interface graphique. Malheureusement elle ne fonctionne pas encore correctement et un correctif est prévu pour *bientôt*.

0.6.0 -> 0.7.0

cart :

- Added Action Replay flash emulation.

cd block :

- Fixed Read Directory/Change Directory commands. This fixes Duke Nukem 3D and a few others that have Netlink support.
- Audio data is no longer stored when read by the cd block. This fixes Guardian Heroes.
- other bug fixes.

scsp :

- Added function that allows developers to get easy to read information on the requested scsp sound slot.
- Fixed a bug where the phase wasn’t getting updated if DISDL was set to 0. This fixes Falcom Classics, Nadesico, and many other games using ADX.
- Fixed a bug that was causing OCT with a setting of 0x8 to play at the wrong octave.
- Fixed a bug that was causing King of Fighters 95(and possibly others) to go into an endless loop.

scu :

- Improved SCU interrupt handling.

sh2 :

- Fixed a bug in exts.b opcode.
- Corrected some bugs in sh2idle
- SCI emulation improvements

smpc :

- Added proper DOTSEL reporting.
- Region settings are now properly preserved.
- Changed region autodetection so it defaults to the japanese region if
it can’t autodetect.

68k :

- Fixed a few bugs.

vdp2 :

- Debug info bug fixes
- Implemented one mode of external HV latching. This fixes King of Fighters 95.
- External latch and sync flags are now cleared on TVSTAT reading.
- Added speed throttle(basically skips 6 frame draws).
- Added long writes for VCSTA, LSTA0, and LSTA1 registers.

software video core :

- Rewrote it so it’s no longer dependent on SDL.
- Added NBG2/NBG3 support.
- Added tile mode rendering.
- Added frame buffer emulation.
- Added normal sprite drawing.
- Changed Normal Sprite drawing so that Scaled Sprite and Distorted Sprite functions can use it too.
- Added some support for Scaled/Distorted Sprites.
- Added VDP1 Polyline and Line drawing to Software renderer.
- Fixed a bunch of bugs.

opengl video core :

- Fixed a few issues with OpenGL initialization.
- Fixed a window/fullscreen bug.
- Added a smart Line Scroll/Vertical Cell Scroll interpreter.
- Changed Color Offset so it uses the same method as the Software renderer.
- Fixed Rotation Table reading.
- Fixed a bug in VIDOGLVdp1PolylineDraw where coordinate reads were writing to invalid areas.

macos port :

- Added carbon interface
- Can now build .dmg image from .app directory
- Other improvements

general :

- Better handling of NULL string when opening a file
- Fixed a few memory leaks
- ISO support fixes
- PAL support added
- Fixed v-blank timing
- Added auto frameskipping(still not working correctly)
- Improved sound buffering
- Fixed handling of invalid SH2 opcodes
- Dummy sound core bug fixes
- Fixed some warnings
- Added experimental bios emulation
- Added memory breakpoints
- Added a function to the sound cores for setting the volume.

Merci à Kaal pour l’info.