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Virtual ][ à jour
[par syndicman] le 23 octobre 2005

Cet émulateur d’Apple ][ est proche de la perfection, mais il est malheureusement payant. Voici la liste des nouveautés de cette version 4.2 :
- Added the option to convert diskettes from and to a real Apple II via a serial cable.
- Added emulation of the "no-slot clock".
- It is now possible to print text to the Macintosh clipboard.
- A configured machine can now be made the default machine in one simple step.
- The Preferences window has an option to open the devices drawer to either the bottom or the right side of the window. Opening it on the right side is particularly useful on small screens.
- When an USB game pad is connected, it is now automatically the preferred choice for game control. It used to be a configurable option, but this could easily lead to a seemingly not-working game pad.
- Improved artwork of the Printer button : it finally looks like a printer.
- Solved problems with the game "Alternate Reality The Dungeon" by improving the emulation of the stepper motor in the diskette drive.