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Virtual ][ à jour

samedi 27 mars 2004, par syndicman

Cet excellent émulateur d’Apple ][ pour MacOSX (10.2 mini) nous arrive en version 2.6 avec beaucoup de nouveautés que je liste ici en anglais :

 A floppy disk image can now be part of the configuration, making it possible to create a turnkey system with a bootable floppy disk image.
 A Macintosh folder can now be mounted as a DOS 3.3 floppy disk.
 Added a quick way to select between 3 different standard machines : Applel†][, Applel†][+ and Apple†//e.
 Added the option to define a default configuration, which is used when the program starts.
 Introduced the option to use the Macintosh backspace key as left arrow key.
 Improved support for the Open Apple and Closed Apple key on the Apple†//e.
 Added an optional disk I/O indicator light in full screen mode.
 Added the "Media" pull down menu, which contains all commands to insert disks and tapes.
 When a virtual machine window is closed the program now asks for a confirmation.
 The standard window size can now be set as an application-wide preference.
 Improved the efficiency of video rendering by about 30%.
 Solved a bug that prevented the game "Serpentine" to run.
 Solved a bug that corrupted the internal timing of a virtual machine after the Macintosh woke up from sleep mode (solved this in Panther, not in Jaguar).

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