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Mednafen à jour

dimanche 27 août 2006, par syndicman

Cet émulateur multi-consoles (Lynx, GB, GBA, NES, PC Engine) passe en version 0.6.4 et voici la liste des nouveautés :

 Added somewhat experimental Neo Geo Pocket(Color) emulation based off code from NeoPop, heavily modified.
 GB : Fixed frame rate when sound is disabled.
 Added →, ↠, ↑, and ↓ characters to the Lynx, GB, GBA, and PC Engine directional button names used for button configuration, to match the NES button names.
 PCE : Added setting "pce.adpcmlp", default value 0, that when enabled, will cause Mednafen to apply a lowpass filter to ADPCM sound output with a rolloff frequency dependent on the current ADPCM playback frequency. This makes ADPCM voices sound less "harsh", however, the downside is that it will cause many ADPCM sound effects to sound a bit muffled.
 PCE : Moved the OpenGL screen clearing code into the FlipOpenGL() function to fix a problem with some PCE games that use multiple resolutions per frame having a partially corrupted screen when the OSD was up.
 PCE : Fixed save state loading with save states created during a CDROM data transfer.
 Fixed a bug that was causing flickering OSD remnants to remain onscreen in fullscreen mode if the OSD was drawn outside of the game screen area.
 Fixed a bug in the resizing code for save state previews that was causing save state previews for the NES, GB, GBA, and Lynx to look absolutely horrible.
 Assigned the two keys "-"(not the numpad instance) and "=" to functions "decrement selected save state slot" and "increment selected save state slot", respectively.
 Removed the checks preventing save state usage when playing NSFs, since save states may be useful with NSFs in some circumstances.
 Added a new setting "ckdelay", which controls the length of time, in milliseconds, that a button/key corresponding to a "dangerous" command like power, reset, exit, load state, etc. must be pressed before the command is executed. The default value is 0.
 Input mapping configuration is now saved after argument parsing if there is no game to be loaded, allowing a command like "mednafen -inputcfg pcegamepad1" to work properly.
 The message "Configuration finished." will now be displayed when button mapping for the selected input device is complete when using the in-game configuration process.
 PCE : Fixed a bug in the debugger involving disassembling block memory transfer instructions(effectively, the length was being fetched 1 byte too early).

Notez que l’émulation NeoGeo Pocket ne fonctionne pas encore sur les plateformes PowerPC. Ce sera corrigé pour la version 0.65 qui devrait être disponible dans le courant de la semaine.

Nekocan a mis à votre disposition un binaire de l’émulateur ainsi qu’une interface graphique par ici

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